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  1. Is there a better burn in source than Evangelo2 slides?

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    I just bought the last (new) Panasonic TCP50ST60 in Canada. I seldom ever watch a TV any more since I have a 27" iMac on which I watch most of my shows. In fact I probably will put less than 50 hours a year on my new plasma and really only bought it for the times I want an optimal viewing...
  2. Panasonic 60VT60 With Burn In / Image Retention --Not Happy

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    Hello everyone, I have owned my VT60 for about 2 months. I owned a Hitachi 43" plasma for many years prior to purchasing the VT60. I never had any issues with my old plasma, it was just time for an upgrade. After many reviews and research, I decided on purchasing the Panasonic VT60. I was...
  3. Samsung Burn in

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    Well I called Samsung and was told that the blue/purple blob on my white screen is burn in ran slides for a few nites still there what a shame also when the stupid twitter hashtags appear I get the line across the top , why don't they plaster more on the screen unreal enough already ! Anyone...
  4. oppo burn image in panel

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    I am a home theatre junkie older generation hardware - my latest panel, 2 years ago watch avg 265 dvd movies per year 90% of my input denon 2105 av surround receiver oppo dv-981hd dvd player - main - very good, not great lg lda-532 hd dvd player - backup panasonic 1080p pc-p50g20 plasma hdtv -...
  5. Mitsubishi WS-65869 burn in?

    Ok so I got my TV working just recently and it looks fantastic. I'm always amazed at how clear and sharp these TV's can look. The only issue is it's pretty apparent the previous owner watched a lot of 4:3 material and there is some burn in marks. The outside bars are nice and white and then...
  6. 57UWX20B New Convergence, resistor burn out every time

    hi i need help i have a hitachi 57UWX20B tv. my convergence has blown out. so i went and bought a new one and i replaced at first with stk 392-110 and it worked for 5 minutes ad rk 58 resistor has burned out. so i went and bought a replacement for a convergence and a reisistor and instead of...
  7. It will be on your souls if I burn my house down

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi, I have a tendency to not throw electronics out and often times I am able to fix things purely out of luck and a dust gun. My wife set something on our DVD/tuner/sound system while I had it apart and plugged in. long story short we didn't burn the house down. but fried the board. so what I am...
  8. can LCD projectors suffer burn in?

    Home Theater Projectors
    I have an LCD projector (a very old one) and I left the DVD menu for cars playing for about 2 hours. Unfortunately now the menu text is permanently showing like a water mark. Any ideas if this is temporary or if the LCD panels are stuffed? Many thanks Dr F
  9. Episode VII: Sink and Burn Ringer!

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    With so many delays Shane and Jeffrey have decided to up the ante with this show and bring you on a one hour discussion of six recently released DVDs. Tune in for the fun. Titles Discussed: Aeon Flux Match Point The Poseidon Adventure: SE The Ringer The Family Stone The Towering Inferno: SE...