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  1. Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    So I have a bunch of wedding related HD videos that I have made that I want to put on a Bluray R disc. What is a good quality program that allows menus and stuff with good looking templates. Is the Cyberlink software decent?
  2. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Wanting to build an inexspenive media server. My thought, get a 1 gig external hard drive from seagate, a cheap desktop, load the software for burning the movies to the seagate on the pc and there I've got a cheap media server. Problem is I haven't found a good program for burning dvd's to the...
  3. Samsung
    The TV burnt its original lamp after 1.5 years. I replaced it and the new one lasted 3 months. Thinking it was the lamp I got the parts supplier to send me another one under warranty and again it lasted 3 months! I read that I should change the ballast so I'm ready to do it but would like to...
  4. Hitachi
    I was trying to fix my convergance issue , test all resister, test fine, replaced the stk392-110 with stk392-150 's rk48 burnt up and so did the chip, tv didnt want to turn on. replaced chips a second time , with rk48 tv turn on but resister start to smoke within 10 secs, unplug it before any...
  5. SVSound
    I ran the sub pretty hard for probably 15-20 minutes......and i could start to smell a ....i guess burning smell. It wasn't smokey smelling, just an electrical type burn. No smoke, no blue smoke, etc. Just a burn-ish smell. anybody seen this? thanks. matt
  6. SVSound
    Hi! I just recv'd my delivery of PB10-NSD. Yes it is gorgeous ...:bigsmile: massive and heavy ...:duh: Anyway, the trouble is that in less than an hour or so, the Sub has blown all 3 provided fuses.... It switches on for 5 minutes or so. music comes on and then all of sudden goes dead...
1-6 of 10 Results