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  1. Epos Elan 35: tweeters busted?

    REW Forum
    After getting a dramatic improvement in sound with AudysseyXT32, from my recently acquired pre-owned Denon 4311, I decided to REW the speakers to find out why. With reference to a recent post on KEF speakers, does this look like the tweeters are faulty too? There is sound coming from the...
  2. New AVR needed to replace busted Onkyo

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Around January of this year, my Onkyo 609 receiver's hdmi inputs stopped working properly. The inputs will no longer pass any signal. I have already had this receiver repaired once for the very same thing while it was still under its warranty so now my only option left is to pay much more to fix...
  3. Need help replacing my busted laptop with something new

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'll list what I am looking for and if you guys could tell me which models to consider I would greatly appreciate it! Wants: -Analog out for 5.1 music and video -Be able to add a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium external soundcard -HDMI out that is compatible with 1080p plasma(ability to stream...
  4. ws-65315 busted

    hi everyone, i'm new to the shack. i have a question. my mitsu ws-65315 turned itself off one morning, not to turn on again. it powers up for a few secs then shuts down. the error code i get is 2-1. it is from 2004 with no problems in the past. i see no evidence of coolant leaking. any...