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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 8ohm 350 RMS cabinet speaker. Can I replace the woofer to a more powerfull one? For example, if I get a 650 RMS woofer or something above that, will it still sound the same or with more power since I will be placing it in the same enclosure?
  2. Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hello HTS Forum! I am new to this forum. I have been reading up on many of the excellent subwoofer threads. Fantastic reading and great knowledge. I have ordered a sub kit from PE. 18" Ultimax in sealed cabinet/spa1000amp. I will post pictures as I go along. This is my first build..........if...
  3. Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hello, I have a O Audio 300 Watt plate amplifier, fitted in a 4.3cf ported cab tuned to about 21hz. According to the amplifier spec sheet the amplifiers frequency response starts rolling off at around 20hz. Should the tuning frequency of the cab ideally match the roll off frequency of the...
  4. DIY Speakers
    I have found info on how to build a Onken Bass Cab for a 15" woofer. Altec 416-8B is the usually used driver. I wonder if I could use the Eminence Deltalite 2515 (15") instead? I want this for a custom center speaker placed behind a AT screen. Mid-high cab will be a vertical d'Appolito (MTM)...
  5. DIY Speakers
    Ok, I built a guitar cab and have run into a problem, I need some opinions on how to tune the bass part of the cab. I made it completely sealed and with two compartments inside, top for highs, bottom for lows. The speakers resonance frequency is 48hz so I would like to aim for that if possible...
  6. DIY Speakers
    I know this may not really belong in a HT forum but since I used the same process and tools to make this that I use to make subs and speakers I figured I'd show this off here. Anyway, I have a friend who plays bass in a band. He needed a bass cab for practice and small gigs but was unhappy...
1-6 of 6 Results