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    This weekend Avatar comes back for more in theaters, packing an extra 8 and a half minutes and only available in 3D. According to director James Cameron, part of the reason is there are so many more 3D cinemas now than there were before, especially internationally. If you're still holding...
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    After Clash of the Titans and Avatar: The Last Airbender, we're leery of any movies rocking the converted-to-3D tag, but a few directors (not coincidentally, ones with 3D productions in the making they'd likely appreciate us buying tickets to see) claim the process itself isn't the problem...
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    It's good to know that budget gear has it's place...even if that place is the highest grossing film of all time.
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    It doesn't appear that the slapdash 2D to 3D conversion seen on Clash of the Titans (or being a rather lackluster remake in general) has dimmed its box office prospects that much, but we're probably not the only ones who will be looking carefully to see what technique was used to create the...
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    Wow thank goodness for youtube and this exclusive bluray trailer, because what was that I saw on the image! It sure looks like Green Smearing Too Much Green! These engineers really need to get there eyes looked at or at least choice a different line of work! This is just ghastly looking image...