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    Hi ! Has anyone used Canare l-4e6s or L2t2s or Mogami 2549 mogami 2534 cable for unbalanced analog audio ? Can share how is the sound quality by these cables ? What is the tonal balance like (bright or warm) ? I have a system that is more towards bright side. I am very confused on which cable i...
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    I'm looking at making a full set of RCA cables for my car stereo (Dynaudio, Tru Technology, Nakamichi etc.) and have decided on Canare products for the interconnects. Does anyone know where I can get dies and a suitiable crimper in Australia? I plan on using RCAP-C4A connectors with LV61S cable...
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    Canare crimp RCA's are legendary, but are any compression type RCA's as good such as those made by F-conn or Liberty or ...?... Mike
1-3 of 3 Results