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  1. what type of capacitor or resistor does tweeters uses?

    DIY Audio
    Hi, everyone! What type of resistor or capacitor should be used when wiring tweeters with loud speakers? Is there some sort of protection that could be wired along tweeter to prevent them from burning out?
  2. how can I wire a capacitor with three speakers in series?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I want to connect three speakers connected in series with my amplifier. Since the amp delivers full-range audio I dont want the bass to filter so can I wire a capacitor with the positive terminal coming from the amplifier to the speaker?
  3. Theater room-Lifesize Yoda, Flux Capacitor, Mame, theater stairs !

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Flux capacitor was build by me as well as the arcade machine ( close to 2,000 games ) The concession stand was bought on craigslist from a salon for $200. The chairs were bought at in auction, they came straight out of a closed down theatre cost $180 for 9 chairs !! . Yoda was bought on...
  4. Possible blown capacitor?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi everyone. I currently have a midrange receiver 2 years old ran great! tell yesterday evening, when our family wanted to watch a movie. We all heard a weird noise from the front speakers,sounded like a scratching noise,whoosh sound. So i stop the movie,and i smelled some awful smoke from the...
  5. RCA RT2770 R202 C211 in Power Supply

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    All, I have RCA RT2770 and have diagnosed the problem. R202 along with C211 make up the "snubber network" for the fast action diode pack (TO5 Tab mounted on 2nd large heatsink) labeled D207. This resister is so burnt, on my unit, the color bands are not readable, so the value can not be...
  6. Fixing Rectilinear Xi Capacitor

    DIY Speakers
    hey all... My tweeter was distorting on old vintage rectilinear Xi speaker and I think it is the capacitor that needs replacement. I have pulled out this capacitor from the speaker: As a subsitute to this cap, will this Jantzen 8.2uF 400V Crosscap Capacitor work ...
  7. REW for capacitor measurement !

    REW Forum
    did you know it' possible to measure capacity and loss resistance ( in ohm) ? :bigsmile: select "measure" > "impedance" > do like a speaker measurement , but with capacitor instead. on the curve , move your cursor , and see at bottom left the C+Rserial value . I tried and compare with a...
  8. Convergence ICs, pico fuses replaced, now no video at all

    I have a Mitsubishi WS-55809 (made in 2002). I bought it at a discount in 2005 when the original owner started to have convergence problems. I raised it off the ground to help it circulate air and it was just fine for four years. I would have some intermittent convergent troubles...
  9. Mitsubishi V26 chassis (1st gen DLP) capacitor failures

    There seems to be a pattern of failure of many capacitors in this chassis series. Problems that relate to these failures are the failure to complete boot cycle (timer LED blinks continuously) and a number of startup issues including lamps not starting or shutting down. The most obvious...