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  1. DIY Speakers
    Do capacitors have a sound of their own? Of course they do... here the details: THE SOUND OF THE CAPACITORS Ciao :) Flavio
  2. Creative Sound Solutions
    WR.30 speaker kit build kit price is $480.00 plus the cost of the Parts Express cabinets I used the curved Piano black for this build. CSS WR.30U7 WR.30 MTM Loudspeaker kit with upgraded caps, resistors, wire, damping pads and acoustic foam (Pair) These kits use the WR125STR drivers with XBL...
  3. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    i have an hitachi p50t01u tv which had the capacitor bulging problem but since i have replaced them and refitted the board i now get a very dim lit screen but nothing on it also i cannot adjust anything at all? can anyone help me please
  4. DIY Speakers
    There are those that have been lead to believe that wire is wire and parts are parts and that if it measures the same then it sounds the same. And the objective verse subjective aspects have been debated to death. But, how would you like to find out for yourself? This is challenge that I...
  5. Mitsubishi
    I have pulled the dm power board the capacitors do not look bulged. Another thread suggested that i replace them anyway. also someone wrote that if space allowed to increase the voltage of the capacitors? so should i stick with the exact specification, or the higher voltage? Thanks
  6. Mitsubishi
    Hello, :dontknow: My brother has this. Mitsubishi WS-55711 (Widescreen 55 inch) Diamond Series Integrated Rear Projection HDTV Technology: Projection Projection Display Technology: CRT Display Format 1080i Image Aspect Ratio 16:9 Image Contrast Ratio 50:1 Horizontal Resolution 1200...
  7. DIY Speakers
    Well for the full story read this if you would. I just need help finding what resistors and capacitors to use, what does what, how much stuff will cost, etc. Otto suggested the DIY speaker section to be of more help, since you guys deal with this stuff more than the Sub section. Please, I need...
  8. DIY Speakers
    Hi everyoone, I'm new to this forum, and I'm new to diy loudspeakers too.:jump: I'm doing my first project, trying to keep things as cheap as possible. I need practice before going in for a more expensive and ambitious diy speaker project. I'm making a 3way speaker system, recycling a pair of...
1-8 of 8 Results