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  1. New caps?

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hey guys! I was donated an older Yamaha avr and was gonna use it in a spare room. (Yep, 5 now). When I powered it on, it would shut down after a few seconds. I figured out the ysp switch was causing a short issue. I learned that I would just leave it in one position. Normal. The thing is, I can...
  2. Mid Driver and Tweeter not working but Bass Driver working - how to tell if Caps are bad and what needs to be replaced

    System Setup and Connection
    Sony SS-MF550H speaker. Problem: Which setting do I use and where do I put the Digital Multimeter ends to test if Caps are bad or if tweeter is blown? How do I find out what to replace?
  3. I replaced all 7 caps, now picture is reddish?

    Per this very helpful site, I had a friend solder in all 7 caps( 1000 25V 105 C) in my 2002 55 inch Mitsubishi set. He does it for a living. That fixed my blinking light issue thankfully! Now I have picture but it has a reddish hue. Unless I go almost fully down on color or tint, do I pull this...
  4. Rotel RB-890 Amp's Oil-Filled Caps

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hey, anyone own or have knowledge of this particular Rotel 2 ch amp? I was about to purchase one and the only info I can find is a brief owner's manual that had only the most basic specs, and no maintenance info or otherwise. A picture of the innards shows a large toroidal transformer along...
  5. Amp upgrade from EP4000 for 2 JTR Caps

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I'll be receiving my pair of new Passive JTR Caps sometime this week. I already own a EP4000 (fan modded) that I'm going to use temporarily, but I'm looking for a budget-friendly (600-800 range) amp upgrade for the pair of these. I'll be running them in 2 ohm stereo and looking for at least...
  6. P50S601 sound but no picture after replacing caps

    I have replaced the 2 3300uf 100v caps that were swollen on my P50S601 to repair the blue light flashing three times. Now it powers up, blue light on steady, I have sound but no picture. I have disconnected the sdr boards one at a time and still no picture. I am going through the diagnotic flow...
  7. Mitsubishi WD 52525 need parts source for caps dioeds on formatter board 930b924002

    Hello i am haveing a hard time finding these parts D8F00 and D8F01 Dan202uma142wk Part# 264P828010 also the caps C8F26 and C8f28 1uFD,25v Part # 141P148000 Are these capS high temp or what are they? The problem with the tv is that there is a green or black and white rectangle checks no picture...
  8. RCA caps

    Two Channel Audio
    Anyone use them? The logic in me tells me they are snake oil. I should worry about EFI and RF noise leaking out of my stereo like I need to worry about electricity leaking out of my outlets right?
  9. WD-52525 surface caps

    Hi all, New to the forum and have been doing a lot of research on the WD-52525. I just picked one up last Friday. The set is in beautiful shape with not a scratch on it. It was advertised as a non working set. The seller had stated that to turn the set on requited a combination of hitting...
  10. Are these caps leaking?

    General Service and Technical Information
    These capacitors are in a JVC amplifier that is about 20 years old. The left channel is humming and the power output to the speakers fades slowly as I listen to it. Is the dried up brown stuff at the bottom of the caps electrolyte fluid or glue used to hold the caps during manufacturing? Since...
  11. Crossover Caps - What types are okay to use?

    DIY Speakers
    Would regular aluminum electrolytic caps (20%, with a high enough voltage rating) be okay for a crossover? Would the tolerance and/or type make any difference vs polypropalyne caps?
  12. Caps and Woofer Replacement

    DIY Speakers
    I have 4 vintage speakers that I am using for surround and surround backs on my 7.1 system. 2 are Criterion VI and two are of unknown make but the inside of both cabinets is marked Cerwin Vega though they don't look like any cerwins I have ever seen. That is neither here nor there at the...
  13. Mitsubishi swollen caps

    Many discussions can be found on the Internet regarding the swollen caps that are sometimes found in the Mitsubishi DM modules. The typical failure is that the set will not complete the boot cycle and the timer light just flashes continuously. This is an indication that the DM microprocessor...