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  1. Using CARA 2.2 software for my L-Shaped Theater Room

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I recently purchased the CARA 2.2 Plus software to see how my L shaped theater room effects the sound of my system, but I need some help interpreting the results and suggestions if there are areas of concerns. I'm having problems uploading the pictures but I can email pictures and graphs.
  2. Box data files for Theater 1 for use in CARA

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, i want to simulate my Teufel Theater 1 surround system inside the CARA simulation program. Does anyone happen to have the box information file for those speakers? They are not coming with the application and maybe someone has created a file for those speakers already. If not, i would have...
  3. Cara vs Lucia - Lucia doesnt seem as breathable?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    HI I got soem sample thorugh for Cara and Lucia fabrics - Lucia is very nice but doesnt seem as breathable - breath test as Cara. Is that just my imagination or is there a difference in peformance? Thanks
  4. CARA Forum

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey all, I just got back into using CARA (Computer Aided Room Acoustics) more and more for work and home. I originally just used it for speaker placement and got good at that, but now I'm trying to experiment more and more with room treatments, pre-build design, and the like. The original...