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  1. System Setup and Connection
    Appreciate if anyone has had experience with the Carada Masquerade system. What is the quality and ease of assembly like?
  2. Manufactured Screens
    My painted screen experiment has come to an end due to a combination of pickyness, old thickened paint and my total ineptness with a roller. So I'm looking for a nice screen to be paired with my HW30AES for under $1k. My room is light controlled, totally blackened (black/dark gray flat walls...
  3. Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    I recently upgraded to a 2.35:1 screen and I now have this Carada doing nothing. I took it down 2 weeks ago and put it in the new screens box, anyone interested? $200 pickup only, SW Florida. Thats 1/3 of what I paid, PM for details.
  4. General Screen Discussion
    I'm trying to decide what to do about a screen. Fixed or Painted DIY Here is a link to my dedicated home theater. http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-theater-room-photos/38598-forrester-dedicated-home-theater.html projector is a Epson 8700 , carpet medium brown , walls...
  5. Home Theater Projectors
    Ok, everyone If you had the opportunity to get either the IscoIIIL anamorphic lens plus the Ceneslide powered transport system for the lens or the Carada Masquerade CIH System paired with an acoustically transparent flat screen which one would you choose and why? Screen: Will be a 235:1 Flat...
  6. Manufactured Screens
    I recieved my samples of all the Carada materials and the grey is too dark for my tastes overall, but like the darker darks it gives. I am still waiting on the elite sample of Elite Cinegrey but was wondering if the cinegrey is a little lighter in color than the carada. I found gain numbers...
  7. Home Theater Projectors
    I am narrowing down my projector choice and am debating between the Panasonic and the Sony HW15? It sounds like the Panasonic is a great projector, but I am somewhat worried about its limited brightness. I'm wanting to do a 120"-133" screen. Based on what I have read, I think I could do the...
  8. Manufactured Screens
    The following report contains test results for various materials from Carada, Da-Lite, Elite Screens, Seymour AV and Stewart.
  9. Manufactured Screens
    The attached file contains results of screen material tests for some Carda, Da-Lite and Stewart screen materials. The screen materials tested in this report in no way encompass all of the materials on the market, but does explore some of the products from Carada, Da-Lite and Steward. These...
  10. General Screen Discussion
    Here is a report I put together on test results for Carada Classic Cinema White and Da-Lite HD Progressive 0.9, HD Progressive 0.6, Video Spectra 1.5, Da-Mat and High Power screen materials. If there is interest in this I will do more of these in the future. Hopefully, some will find this...
  11. Manufactured Screens
    Hi all, this is my first post. You folks seem to be the experts on everything to do with screens. I've searched and read a lot, but hope someone here can help me with the following: I'm just finishing a new home with a dedicated home theater. The light is very well controlled and I plan to use a...
  12. Manufactured Screens
    Carada Screen Material Review Opened for discussion. Carada is an Alabama based screen manufacturer probably known more for their frame manufacturing than there screen prowess. They feature two lines of aluminum frames - The Criterion and The Precision. The Criterion having a beveled edge...
  13. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Carada, Inc. http://www.carada.com Chilton Industrial Park 108 Bama Lane Clanton, AL 35045 205-280-6546 866-414-6546 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
1-14 of 14 Results