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  1. High Dynamic Range: What Is It and Why You Should Care

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    One of the more interesting display related technologies highlighted during CES 2015 is High Dynamic Range (otherwise known as HDR). We’ve heard this term tossed around in the past, but this year’s show marks the first time it has been in the spotlight. Last year, the industry decided to go...
  2. Cables Unlimited HDTV Care Kit w/ 2 HDMI Cables - Only $13.99 - Save 65%

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  3. Poll: Do women care about HDTV?

    UK-based research firm Mintel has taken some time out of their usual schedule tracking the sales of pies and and pasties (Beef Pie is leading) to investigate consumer reaction to HDTV and says its results indicate women are far less enthusiastic than men about high definition televisions...
  4. Can anyone honestly convince me to care about global warming.

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    I maybe frowned on here with this one, but I just cant seem to care about the issue. Perhaps I'm overly cynical, but I just see every argument as an excuse to tax or charge us for something, and I often struggle to take the subject seriously, or listen to the politicians when I all I see are...
  5. Official Thread: discussion of HR4872 and health care reform

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    Because of the significant impact that this legislation may have on our lives, there will likely be an interest in discussing it in forums. We have already had other discussions on the matter at Home Theater Shack. The prupose of this thread is to provide a venue for sharing information...
  6. Pain Control and Hospice Care

    Care Chapel
    I've just been through a number of the threads in this area that dealt with various medical conditions. My wife has been a nurse for 3 decades and has been working in the hospice area for the past decade. My sister was also the Executive Director of a hospice for several years. As a result I...
  7. Unashamed to say we care!

    Care Chapel
    The owners and staff of this forum believe in building friendships with its' members. Part of being a friend is caring for those around you. This is a place where everyone and anyone can ask for support during good times and bad. Share something great that has happened in your life, or ask for...