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  1. cat5 speaker wires

    DIY Audio
    I made these over the weekend. I took a 10' length of cat5 for each speaker wire. I removed the twisted pairs from the sheath and threw away the pair with the widest winding spacing and then braided the other three. I separated the white wires from the colored wired and braided them the rest...
  2. HDMI over Cat5 - anyone with experience?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I am looking to install 2 smaller displays (32"-40") in our bonus room. The receiver will be on the opposite side of the room and I am thinking that it might be easier/cheaper to run the video to the 2 TVs using the HDMI over Cat5 wallplate kits versus having to buy 2 long HDMI cords that will...
  3. Cat5 for speaker cables?

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    I used to have a 100' Ethernet cable, which became a 65' unterminated cable courtesy of my sisters puppy. After having what was left of this cable in storage for about 2 years, I decided to repurpose it! I stripped the shielding off of the bundle, unwound all of the pairs, pulled all wires to...
  4. RCA over cat5 balun

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    Hi all installed RCA baluns over cat5 on about 100 foot run. Plugged my iPod in and thiught it sounded really brittle and thin. Anyone else have any experience with this? Posted via Mobile Device
  5. CAT5 wiring

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I ran a bunch of CAT5 into my home theater during construction because I figured it would future proof it. CAT5 can be used for phone, ethernet, and other transport (a buddy of mine is replicating a video signal from room to room). My issue is how to terminate it. Obviously at the room, I...