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  1. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Last January when I joined I posted pics of my set-up. I was also warned of catching Upgraditis. I swore I would never catch it.......Well; fortunately I did. Here are my upgrades.... Sony STR-DG720. I got a good deal from my cousin when he upgraded his receiver. Yamaha 10" Powered Sub...
  2. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    MySpace for Boy Caught Dream My favorite song is Steady... pretty good overall. On Guitar and backing vocals is our very own Wayne Pflughaupt's son, Sean, who is also a member here at the Shack. I believe they will do well, especially with the younger crowd. Congrats on the new CD Sean...
  3. Mobile Audio
    So if I was to put a rlp15 into my accord in a box similar to the recommendations on SS website (3.5 ported to 28) what kind of amp would you guys recommend. It has been years since I have messed with car audio so I dont have a clue of a good but affordable amp to drive this. Also, in the past...
1-3 of 8 Results