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  1. CEA Defines ‘HDR Compatible’ Displays

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Today the Consumer Electronics Association announced the industry definition for high dynamic range compatible video displays. The CES is the producer of the CES convention and trade show held in Las Vegas annually. -Robert
  2. CEA Adopts Ultra HD Moniker

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    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  3. CEA: Sept. Consumer Tech Hits ’12 High

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    Source: TWICE
  4. CEA Issues Standards For Future Products

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    Source: TWICE
  5. CEA 2010 Subwoofer Measurements

    REW Forum
    Would it be possible to include this in a future REW release? Though I have only glanced at the requirements, the few measurements I have seen convey quite a bit of information in a single plot. It seems like this could be implemented in the Spectrum section of REW without too much additional...
  6. CEA Launches Tech Enthusiast Membership

    AV Home Theater
    FYI in case people are interested... Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Launches Tech Enthusiast (TE) Membership http://www.ce.org/ From confirmation email: Mike
  7. CEA's Demo Days brings ESPN 3D to retailers for one weekend in September

    Despite 3DTVs showing up for sale everywhere, there's just not much content to watch on them yet. We've come out in support of football and sports in general as selling points for 3D more than once, but since ESPN 3D only broadcasts live events and most stores don't have access to the...
  8. New CEA 2010 method for measuring true subwoofer performance

    Hi all (I'm reposting this for those who may not have seen it the first time) For those who haven't heard yet...ALMA and CEA have introduced a new method to gauge subwoofer performance. This is very good news indeed...as it will standardize things a bit and really levels the playing field...