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  1. best monoblock to use with centre speaker

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi i want to try this instead in addition to my setup above i want to add a very good monoblock to the centre speaker to enhance it greatly i will be using my marantz as main amp then i will use the music fidelity m3i and crown 102 for the high and low frequncies then to the marantz to my dali...
  2. Panasonis SA-HT928 centre channel issues

    Panasonic / Technics
    Hi. I have recently acquired a Panasonic SA-HT928 (SC-HT928 in some areas I think). I am having issues with the centre channel. When testing the channels it works at the same volume as the rest of the speakers. When playing a 5.1 DVD, the centre channel is silent, there is no dialogue in the...
  3. SVS prime front and centre

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hey all. Luke from the great down under. Can anyone here give me some thoughts on svs speakers. I have the pb12 plus sub snd was thinking to add the primes as LCR or for a little more the ultras. I would love any feedback as they do not feature a lot down here but are definitely available. Cheers
  4. Treating/modifying an existing built-in media centre

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello, I'm trying to make the best of an existing family room for home theatre (but also multipurpose) use. Major reno would be nice but not in the cards at this time. The original custom cabinetry was built into a wall which divides a long basement. The top half is shelving backed with...
  5. Cinema for a community centre?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello good people! I help run a local non-profit community centre here in the UK. One of the things we'd like to do is run a cinema club. I recognise that this is a forum for *home* theaters but I expect someone will be able to help me. The space is good for about 100 people although I don't...
  6. question reguarding polk centre channel

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello all so I have a odd idea. I currently have polk rti4 bookshelf speakers for my left and right and a csi3 for my center and some pioneers for surrounds. Im wanting to get some better surrounds. I had the idea of ordering 2 more csi3s flipped on there side to use as the left and right...
  7. Curved baffle centre channel - help with design

    DIY Speakers
    Hi All, I'm thinking outside the box a little for my next project, a curved baffle centre channel. After searching this forum for curved baffle speakers, the only thread that came anywhere near to what I want to do is the wine barrel subwoofer by Mark DN, but it's the barrel that's the common...
  8. 3 Centre speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Could I use 3 centre speakers as left right and center
  9. Sub placement, corner vs centre

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi everybody, I was doing some reconfiguring of m,y theater room and after removing the audio credenza that I had all my AV gear on or in. It sure made the front of my room much cleaner looking. I decided to try placing my SVS PB13u in the centre under my screen (it was in the right corner) and...
  10. Wiring up centre channel?

    DIY Speakers
    Hi all, I've just finished building the enclosures based on Curt Campbells "Stentorians". My drivers are due in tommorow, and i'm keen to get to work on firing them up, i have gone with the Madisound crossover kits. My question relates to the centre channel, and how i should wire up the...
  11. Centre speaker help

    System Setup and Connection
    I have two tower speakers that I'm upgrading. Thinking of using the two old towers as centers good idea bad idea? Any information appreciated thanks
  12. Centre ch that would work well with EV Sentrys?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Well all this talk about matching the front channels has got me thinking. I am currently using a Acoustic Research PSC25 and although it serves its purpose, I wonder if I need something better. I do notice that its not as bright as my mains. I am looking for something that is going to give me a...
  13. centre channel and mains problem

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi guys firstly i am running a 7.1 setup and all my surrounds work fine. I own a denon avpa1hd pre/pro and have it hooked up to a pioneer vsxax10aig recievers amp section which boasts 170watts per channel of 8 channels. I am running everything through the multi channel outs on the pioneer.I have...
  14. Ultimate Centre Speaker Stand

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Here is my stand 16mm mdf measurments are 900mm wide and 400 deep paindted first with MDF sealer then 2 coats of rustoleum black hammertone with aluminium feet i had bent in a metal shop. the pictures dont do it justice for me anyway i think it looks awsome. Here are the legs. More pics to come
  15. STS-02 and Centre Ordered - crossing my fingers..

    Hi guys and gals, Just got off the phone with SonicBoom audio and for $48 X 2 (shipping costs) I thought I should give them a try. So I purchased the STS-02 and matching center channel and I think I got a pretty good price. Remember, I am up here in Canada so it's not the same deal as down in...
  16. Can REW help to EQ centre speaker?

    REW Forum
    Hey all - Im hoping someone can be of some assistance. I have a basic Yamaha HT system which includes a Yamaha NSC-100 (I think!) Being that my Yamaha receiver does allow for a basic EQ of the centre channel, I'm trying to figure out how I can configure REW and my connections to do a sweep...
  17. Heat centre channel

    AV Home Theater
    Can you hear the difference that you probably didn’t even know was there on the mix in the first place, apart from when the level rises up a bit and it’s audible over the left and right fronts? The output is taken from the AVR and is at 0db level so turn down the level on your end. At 0:12...
  18. Diy Centre speaker

    DIY Speakers
    :yay2:Hi i have read that you can build the centre speaker box first then design the crossovers second is this true? . i can get the crossover professionally built I want to use the following listed. 1x 1" HDS Peerless tweeter T-S Parameters Resonance Frequency fs 700 Hz Mechanical Q factor...
  19. My Basic Setup - No Centre, No Sub

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I have a Pioneer VSX 710 5.1 with DIY TL's for front (>20 yo) and for rears my first ever speakers - JVC SK-33 bookshelfs . No centre or sub yet. The room is quite small - hopefully we will get the new house built before the end of the year, now that the company is no longer under...
  20. DIY Centre Channel

    DIY Speakers
    Hi All, I've been searching around and was looking for car audio speakers as centre channel. I have a pair of boston acustics 6.25 drivers. I know Sony amp is rated for 8 ohm and the car speakers are running at 4 ohm each. I was planning to wire the leads in series to get 8 ohm load. I am...