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    Hi. Does anyone have any clues as to where to purchase 15" woofer recone kits for for Cerwin Vega 380SE's? I would prefer the original kits with the rubber surrounds rather than the rolled rubber surrounds if possible, Thanks alot.
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    Do any of you members own a pair of these or have had the oppurtunity to hear them. http://www.a1components.com/itemdisplayn.aspx?item=11918&OVRAW=CERWIN%20VEGA%20CLS215&OVKEY=cerwin%20vega%20cls215&OVMTC=standard&OVADID=15043072522&OVKWID=86954916522 I would think with the correct amp these...
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    I have some OLD VS 120's that still sound great. They actually sound as good or better than everything else I have and they definitely are the longest lasting, hardest working speakers I own. I use them in my guitar room and I push them very hard quite often, yet they march on. With all this in...
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    Im curious to know if any of you have had any experience with the CLSC 215's?