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  1. Center channel with powered sub

    DIY Speakers
    So I want to clone the deftech clr 2500 but use 6.5 amt tweeter and a 8 in powered su
  2. A dropped magnet in Audio Research center channel..!?

    DIY Speakers
    I picked up my home theater center channel speaker only to hear and feel something rolling around inside...So I opened it and found a center tweeter and two midrange cones. The adhesive used had turned brittle and the round magnet on the middle tweeter had broke free. So, I used super glue to...
  3. Issues to look for with Dolby Atmos playback thru PC 8 channel sound-card then back thru Dolby atmos Pre/Pro

    Audio Processing
    Issues to look for with Dolby Atmos playback thru PC 8 channel sound-card then back thru Dolby Atmos Pre/Pro using Digital Coaxial RCA's. Is the Sound room mixing lost or is frequency steering of the Dolby recording algorithms recaptured in the final Pre/Pro processing?
  4. Has Anyone Heard the Axiom LFR180 Center Channel

    Home Audio Speakers
    I haven't been able to find a review and I was wondering since I have the M100s
  5. 2 channel setup under 5k including amps

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I'm moving to a house and looking at getting a nice high quality 2.1 setup if towers alone don't suffice and one that I can eventually expand later to possibly 4.1 or 5.1. I'm kind of new to high quality audio, so as of right now, I don't have any preamps or amps or any major equipment so...
  6. LG HB405 speaker channel not working Right rear Surround

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Anyone in the know about home cinema systems? do the modern amps have fuses protecting each channel? long story short - i bought a second hand LG HB405 to replace my temperamental LG BH7430p unit on the understanding the only issue is laser needing replacement but got it all wired up to...
  7. Center channel speaker sounds boxy?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have gone through several center channel configurations in my HT. First was two BIC DV 84's placed head to head, wired in series. Sounded good, with a huge sound stage. But movie track audio was boxy sounding, especially male voices. Regular broadcast TV was just fine, however. Now, we just...
  8. Killer 2 channel recommendation?

    DIY Speakers
    I'm looking for something to add some sound to my family room. I want a couple of really high end speakers that look and sound great. I've built in translam before, and I have a method that makes really stiff, really heavy enclosures, and I'll probably use that method again. (I always like...
  9. Is there any way to combine mono amplifier with any other 4 channel amplifier

    DIY Audio
    Hello all, I have a mono amplifier board and i want to combine it with any other multi channel amplifier to make it as 4.1......likewise in which i wanna use monoamp for my passive subwoofer(12 inch car subwoofer driver to use in home) is there any way to do that or any other way to get this...
  10. Two channel amp

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Looking for an inexpensive but good 2 channel amp to run two height speakers for a 7.1.4 setup. I'm getting a Sony STR-ZA5000ES 9.2-channel AV Receiver to replace a Sony STR-DA5300ES 7.1-channel AV Receiver due to Ins. from DirecTV. I have a Klipsch speaker setup except two 6 inch ceiling...
  11. Def Tech CS-8060 hd center channel speaker

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi, What would cause a low end humming noise (low rumble) [only sometimes] in the bass section of this speaker? Tried turning down the bass, running power thru a surge suppressor, a different outlet not close to my other a/v equipment, etc. Running def tech BP7002 as the fronts & Marantz...
  12. Marantz SR7002 can't play Atmos center channel

    System Setup and Connection
    Dear experts, I've a problem that already costed me 2 nights of trying without finding a solution My SR7002 is connected via HDMI to a Panasonic BRW-520. All is fine both with video and audio, but when I try to play the Minions BD, decoded in Atmos, the center channel doesn't work If I change...
  13. You Tube channel

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Hi.. If any one can please subscribe to my friends You tube channel for a couple weeks. He just started his own business and he needs some subscribers! please subscribe thanks! Chris
  14. 3 or 4 channel amp

    Pro Audio
    Not sure if this is the correct are to ask so sorry if I guessed wrong. My current set-up I am using three BIC DV84's as my LCR and they are powered by a Samson SX2400 for the L and R and another Samson SX2400 for the Center. Not complaining on how it sounds but was curious what would be better...
  15. Help me with amp ideas for Center channel

    AV Home Theater
    I am looking for suggestions for a Amp for my center channel. I am building 5 "diysoundgroup" 1099's speakers. I currently have: 1 x Emotiva XPR-2 ( 2 channels) 2 x Emotiva XPA-2's (2 Channel also bridgeable) 1 x EMOTIVA XPA-100 (mono) 1X Carver 5 CH AV-405 ( dont really look to use this just...
  16. Integrating 2 Channel, surround, and a Roku Ultra streamer Arcam Solo Movie 5.1

    Audio Processing
    Hi all. I am trying to set up a Roku Ultra in my system. Presently, the Audio is a very nice 2 channel system that I do not want to compromise. I just purchased a Roku Ultra, and it seems pretty cool. I use a projector that is fed by HDMI. I also have an Oppo BDP-83 that I want...
  17. 2 Channel Speaker Graphs. Need help to improve

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have a 2 Channel Full range speakers and a room size 15 x 20 x 10(width, length, height) . Appreciate if you can give me suggestions to improve my room. My room is already treated for first reflecltion points and corners with bass traps. Applied 1/3 smpothing to the graph.
  18. SG Only one channel

    REW Forum
    OK I'm a real newbie, just setting up REW with UMIK-1. I installed and upgraded REW and installed the calibration file for the UMIK-1 microphone. Then installed my PS Audio Directstream DAC ASIO driver. I play to the DAC via USB. Plugged in the UMIK and DAC. First thing is to set up pink noise...
  19. Center Channel mount: flush vs angled bracket.

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have a HT system consisting of Boston CR77 Left and Right, CR67 satellites and CRC7 center channel. I like how well matched it is, but as I'm finally doing a permanent install in a new living room, I'm curious about which option you think is preferable. There is some built in room correction...
  20. Pioneer Elite SC-99 9.2 Channel Network AV Receiver Review Discussion Thread

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Not long ago, 7.1 channel AVRs were considered to be top-tier equipment, 9.1 models were rarefied air, and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA ruled the Blu-ray audio codec universe. Then a little thing called Dolby Atmos happened. And while a modern seven-channel receiver can offer good entry level...