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  1. cant get new charts to show unsmoothed graphs?

    REW Forum
    I have obviously selected something which now defaults new sweeps to 1/48 With these new charts I cant get them to show unsmoothed. I am unable to identify where I may have gone wrong Could you please advise what I may have selected (and where) to cause this? Also when corrected does it mean I...
  2. REW Charts Advice Needed

    REW Forum
    I just completed my Home Theater and I am a newbie to the AUDIO world. I've been reading/learning from the forums for months now, and it is finally time to post some REW sweeps from my MLP. I hope I could get some feedback from all of the experts here that can tell me where I'm Currently at, and...
  3. 2.1 calibration with Onkyo TX-SR606 (REW charts included)

    REW Forum
    Hi, Please skip "Background" if you're in a hurry :) Your assignment A subjective comment on the "flatness" of my 75 dB target frequency curve! It's a FL+FR+Sub average based on three measurements. There is a horrible dip at 100-200 Hz and a smaller one at 30 Hz. Background I've been...
  4. Interpreting REW Charts

    REW Forum
    Make some measurements using REW + X-Spectrum UMIK-1 mic this morning. Below are the charts that I tried to understand & self-interpreting. But the RT60/Waterfall/Spectrogram charts - I really don't understand that need some help. This chart: From 20Hz-200Hz, it seem that my room has some form...
  5. First charts - suggestions for what next

    REW Forum
    I've been valiantly climbing a very steep learning curve with all this stuff and have managed to produce a few charts The disclaimer with these is they were measured with an UCM8000 using only the generic calibration curve and a MXL Mic mate - which I know is not the perfect kit, but I've heard...
  6. please have a look at my charts

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone , This is my first attempt measuring my room response using REW. Equipment used: Mac book pro- motu ultralight interface- AKG C414 (omni mode)- Genelecs 1029A with Sub. Ive filled up the room with basstraps at all corners, top corners & a cloud to. Im comparing my charts to some...
  7. Xbox 360 tops charts as US game sales drop 1% in July - NPD

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Microsoft's console beats Wii and DS during virtually flat month; NCAA Football 11, Crackdown 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2 head up software top 10. Many analysts predicting another steep decline in July US game industry sales got a pleasant surprise today, when NPD reported that revenues were...
  8. Flaming Oak Cinema REW charts

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone. It's been a while, but I finally managed to complete my theater and am now on the last stage of sound equalization. Quick background I started the room a couple of years ago. Bryan Pape designed the treatment plan, I pretty much did the rest. I'll post a quick couple of photos and...
  9. Charts With REW/BFD... Thoughts...

    REW Forum
    Well after playing around with REW/BFD, I came up with these plots, Any ideas on what could be tweaked? Room is fairly small, 12*11*8... equipment used, Onkyo 705, xover set @ 80, Recent RS Analog meter with cal file, X-Fi usb soundcard with soundcard cal file, MFW-15 with 3 filters, about...
  10. REW before and after charts

    REW Forum
    What do you guys think about having a thread where everyone displays before and after REW measurements. The idea is that this becomes one thread where you can see a whole lot of different results from different people. You might show before and after measurements for things like: bass traps a...
  11. 1st attempt charts : looking for advise

    REW Forum
    Hi All, This is my first attempt in characterizing my room. My setup is as below: Integrated Amp : Holfi Megarus 928 (upgraded) CD : Holfi Xara (direct to int amp) Mains : Dali Ikon6 (direct to int amp) Sub : Dali IkonSub (hooked to integrated amp using sub out in amp L/R & LFE from Onkyo 875)...
  12. waterfall charts need input

    REW Forum
    Hi everyone it's been a long time since I've posted here. decided to recheck my sub with new front speakers. just testing the sub and I get some strange results not like when I had the filters right. so now I'm starting from scratch. 1st post is sub only no filters 2nd is with filters applied...
  13. artist paint spectral charts

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
  14. Some crossover cap/coil response charts

    DIY Speakers
    Hi. I am rebuilding a couple speakers that I have, and decided to do my own passive crossovers. I worked out some plots using Tina, an electronic modeling program www.tina.com and decided to post them here. Hopefully someone will find them useful in their crossover designs. They are a simple...
  15. Weird Waterfall charts

    REW Forum
    I have measured frequency response of my subwoofer sucessfully with room eq. However when trying to get the waterfall charts there seems to be a problem. Below is the kind of plot i obtain. Is this Right ? even when i measure other speakers in another room the decay is so long.