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  1. 4 CHT Subs - MQ-600 or 2 Dayton SA-1000 Amps?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I have purchased four Chane Home Theater CHT 18.1 subs and I was wondering if I should buy a new MQ-600 or two used Dayton SA-1000 amps? Someone is selling the Dayton's used. I kinda like the ability to split the subs up into pairs of two and placing in different rooms if my needs change down...
  2. Used Velodyne CHT 10 or New Paradigm Cinema Sub

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi first let me say that I am new to the forum and was hoping someone would be able to help me with a dilemma I'm in. First a short story of my current setup, As of now I am and have been using a Paradigm SB-100 which is a passive satellite sub woofer with speaker inputs / outputs only, I have...
  3. CHT vs JBL Cinema Professional Subs

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Just wanted to educate myself on the differences between CHT subs and the JBL lineup since pricing was so similar. Came across their subs while reading up on ScreenArray speakers. Has anyone compared any subs between CHT and JBL? Some JBL models I came across that were priced within the same...
  4. PSA subs vs. CHT subs

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I am looking to add a second sub-woofer in my HT loft area. The room is fairly large -- 35' x 15' x 8' (approx 4200 cubic feet). I currently have a Chase CS-18.2 and I really like the way it sounds and was thinking about adding a second one of those. However, after reading through a lot of...
  5. Black Friday Sale at CHT !!!

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Black Friday Subwoofer Sale: Guys - as you know, our subwoofers don't have a lot of markup in them. That being said, we have decided to run a Black Friday Sale that just might make you happy. Here are the rules: 1. All sales final - no in home trial. 2. All subs are "A" stock. 3. Prior Sales...
  6. FS: Re: Trio of CHT SHO-10s

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    Re: Trio of CHT SHO-10s These are the 2nd generation model. Round ports instead of the slot port, with black polyfill unlike white polyfill in the first versions. Asking $125 for one, and $175 for the other two each. $125 cabinet has a bit of heat stressed cracking on the cabinet/paint from...
  7. I won some great CHT gear and your input is requested

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys. I won the Chase HT giveaway and now am looking for input on how to best place everything in my room. It has been 7 years since I built the room and have made very few changes and almost none over the last 4 years. I see this as a great opportunity to try something new! The room is...
  8. is CHT website down?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I cannot connect to www.chasehometheater.com. is it me or it's the same for everybody?
  9. CHT PRO-10, SHO-10 combo

    Home Audio Speakers
    I wanted to share my experience with Chase Home Theater speakers. For the past 5 months I have owned a pair of PRO-10's that I use for front left and right duty and an SHO-10 for center duty in a 5.1 system. These replaced 3 RBH 661-SE/R speakers in a dedicated theater, 12Wx22Lx7.5H. Other...
  10. Percussive violence and sonic bliss

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi all, I wanted to share my experiences with the Chase Home Theater products. I have 4 sho10s as surrounds to my Gedlee Abbeys and Nathan (center) and and 18.2 and 18.T. I started with the beta 18.2 in 2010, and recently added a second 18.2 to help me smooth out the frequency response. I also...
  11. CHT Driver pics?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    It is great to see a CHT forum here. I have been following the company for awhile but one thing I have never really been able to find is a picture of the drivers used in the subs. It is nice to see what is making the boom and I am a sucker for a nice looking driver. Hoping that someone can post...
  12. My CHT setup

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Well I got my stands and got things setup so now I have just a few more day's of break in time before I run Audyssey and get things complete. I like the sound already without even running EQ so it should only get better once I am ready to go ahead and do a final setup. I figured I would post a...
  13. My CHT impressions

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hey guys, I have a long thread at both the CHT forums and other forums so I figure I would bring it here as well, some of it at least. You guys might remember I built the 8 sealed eD subs in the DIY section. Anyways, I purchased 4 SS 18.2's and use a FP10000Q clone amp with them. This amp...
  14. Happy Thanksgiving, CHT!!!

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Hope everyone eats too much and has to nap during the football games!!! John
  15. CHT HT Build Thread - PRO-10 based LCR

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I thought I had run out of rooms or relatives to buy CHT speakers for. I was cleaning the garage out in preparation for the ice age and thought about replacing my garage speakers with some PRO-10's to bump it up a little...but I wouldn't use those in the winter. Then, I was walking around the...
  16. WTB: Velodyne CHT bookshelf speakers

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have a Velodyne CHT bookshelf 5 speaker surround setup. I wouldn't mind having two extra to make a 7 channel setup. If anyone has two extra I might be interested. EDIT: I decided to make a new set of speakers instead.