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  1. Manufactured Screens
    Ok, I just got my Elite Screens EZ Frame CineGrey 100" and installed it yesterday. Everything was great, except one major issue. I couldn't believe it only came with two small brackets - one top & one bottom. With the center brace taking up the groove in the dead center of the screen frame...
  2. Manufactured Screens
    One last question for today. Does anyone have any information on how dark the Elite CineGray screen material is? RGB values or Munsell scale values would be wonderfull. But even if you can compare it to another popular screen that hopefully I will be able to find more info on ... that would...
  3. Manufactured Screens
    I'm wondering if anyone has any screen shots of the Elite CineGray screens (doesn't matter exactly which screen since I believe the material is all the same across all their lines as long as it's called CineGray). If you have a comparision between it and CineWhite that would be fantastic...
1-3 of 3 Results