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  1. Insurance claim is going to buy me some new speakers and I need help!

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    So here's the deal... I had a basement flood and ruin my collection of oddball vintage and boutique speakers that I was either refurbing or had collecting dust. I'm talking Dahlquist DQ12s, Klipsch Fortes, some CHT mains, AV123 Rockets, one of Craig's CS 18.2 subs, etc; All in all roughly $4k...
  2. DirecTV raises its HD channels claim to 160, disses Dish for juking the numbers

    We hadn't even finished counting Dish's 200 channels claim when DirecTV pops up with plans to add a whole slew of new HD networks as well. By its reckoning, tossing ESPNU HD, WGN HD, MSNBC HD, some additional DirecTV Cinema Channels and more puts it over 160 "around the clock HD channels", and...