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  1. Home Theater Projectors
    I have a BenQ HT1075 and have a couple questions about routine cleaning of the lens: 1) Is it permissable to use eyeglass lens cleaning solution on the projector lens? 2) Is it Ok to use a cotton tip swab to apply lens cleaning solution and then to clean the projector lens? Thank you for in...
  2. General Screen Discussion
    So I had a thought, with the surface of a screen somewhat rough. Over time would this not collect dust on the surface causing some loss in the gain of the screen material? How does one clean this off? Vacuum, duster or some other method?
  3. General Service and Technical Information
    Not sure if others have this problem but here in Kenya on the coast I end up with lots of dead insects being rolled up with the screen at the end of each evening. I searched the web looking for ways of cleaning a screen and came up with virtually nothing so I tried my own method and am happy to...
  4. Home Theater Projectors
    Hi All, I have a Acer X1261P and the DMD chip that I think is a bit dusty and dirty.. I looked in when I turned it off and noticed the DMD Chip needs a cleaning.. Now I have experience in taking things apart (Electronics too) and was just wondering what I would clean the DMD Chip with.. I have...
  5. Home Theater Projectors
    Has anyone taken their projector apart and cleaned the internal lenses? I have some splotches on my image, and I can look into the lens and see some dust on the internal lenses. I'd like to take it apart and clean it, but I don't want to get in over my head. I thought those were sealed so dust...
  6. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I'm interested in getting suggestions for reasonably priced and effective cleaning/lubrication solutions for HDMI (or any other electrical signal) connectors. I live in Florida and over the last couple of years I have been noticing especially during the springtime connection issues...
  7. Home Audio Speakers
    Hi folks, I know about the usual suspect, vacuum with the soft brush. I've heard of ppl using Swiffer type cloth, Scotch Tape, etc. But I'm wondering if there's any other tricks that you guys use? Tying to clean the woofers of a pair of Technics sb-4500 I've picked up today.
  8. Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    My bride has decided that it is time to clean house and get rid of everything that I am no longer using, especially since so many subs have invaded recently! Behringer EMC8000 (Not Professionally Calibrated) Sold Behringer DSP1124 $75 PM me if interested.
  9. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    My bride has decided that it is time to clean house and get rid of everything that I am no longer using, especially since so many subs have invaded recently! 1 - Pair Axiom M3 On-Wall (Black Oak) Sold 1 - Pair Audyssey Lower East Side (Black) $100 PM me if interested.
  10. Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    I have some drivers and a cabinet that all need a good home and are just sitting in my garage collecting dust. I am in the Louisville metro area. Local pickup is welcome and preferred. SOLD!!!! Dayton RS18-HO. 10/10 function, 9/10 cosmetic. Bought new and used for a few hours. Original...
  11. Home Theater Projectors
    Whenever I shoot a solid white image, I'm now noticing a faint redish splotch on the lower left corner now. The projector is an Acer 7531D. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? I was thinking maybe it needs to be cleaned(PJ is a year old, 457 hours) are there any good resources on cleaning...
  12. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    My dad gave me an old marantz 1250 amp when I was younger, and it works fine, the only trouble is a bunch of static builds up in the dials over time. My dad, not being an experience electrician, usually takes it to somebody to fix it. I currently study audio engineering/acoustics and I am very...
  13. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Greetings, I have been using a product I get at Costco called " Spray-Away". It is an aerosol in a blue can and works great on all my screens. It has no ammonia. Have a great weekend and fight fans tonight is UFC fights for the troops. :wave:
  14. Samsung
    Hello, I am new to the forums. Lots of great information on the forums. I have a hlr5067wax-xaa and I have gotten the famous green screen. I took the back plate off and vac'ed it out. After that the green screen went away for the component video input but the green screen continued for...
  15. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    I'm sure this has been answered many a time but I'm wondering what the best way to clean vinyl records is. I've been using Chemtronics's "Plast'n'Glass" which is basically deionized water is a spray can along with a fine anti-static brush. The problem is, it leaves fine dust which collects on...
  16. Samsung
    Hi Everyone, I have been a lurker here for some time. I decided it was finally time to join. The tips I gained here helped me fix a convergence problem with my tv. I purchased the tv locally for $20 as a fix it up special from Craigslist. Anyhow, now that it is working well I have found a...
  17. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I searched, maybe not well enough, and couldn't find anything. Whats the best way to clean the CRT tubes in the tv and the mirror... Its a Mitsubishi WS series if it makes a difference... last time I was in there it was pretty dusty.. Thanks
  18. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hey Gang, I ask this ? because my wife said something to me today about how crazy I get about cleaning my PS3, a little background for ya I own a 40GB PS3 installed a 500GB HDD and Linux YDL 6.1 on it. My cleaning habits I don't think are that bad, once a week I blow out all the vents and do...
  19. Mitsubishi
    There is a very good set of posts that detail a cleaning procedure on these sets. The link is below: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=16496239#post16496239
  20. Home Theater Projectors
    Sooooo, i accidentally touched the lens of my projo, and got a tiny smudge on it. Now i've tried cleaning my lens with some photographic lens cleaning material and lens tissue, but it seems i've just smeared the skin oil around on the lens........ uggg. Can't really tell on the picture, but...
1-20 of 26 Results