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  1. Toshiba
    Leonard, have read many of your post on tech help. I have a toshiba 50hx70 (rear projection set) that previous owner says was shutting down when screen would be GO completely white (video gamer) - the set would turn off (AUDIO STILL WORKED). He then would cycle power and it fired up again. this...
  2. Sony
    I have had my Sony TV for about 4 years and it used to display beautiful pictures and colors. However, it shows white colors with a bit of beige in them, and the white items do not look white. The white items look like they are dirty with a bit of brown, yellow or gray color in it and the TV...
  3. REW Forum
    Dear HTShack-mites I am about top start sound calibration of my first HT.Before I start thread of my own just need some inputs to get my basics right for calibration process. 1) For sound clalibration ,do you take readings from individual speakers(L,C,R etc) or just from Right speaker 2) My...
  4. DIY Screens
    This thread has been closed. The thread op choses to not participate on this site any longer and the thread has been abandoned. Since the developer of this app is no longer supporting his threads here and the tints and information tends to change regularly we can not keep track of the changes...
  5. Forum Announcements | News
    The server change over has pretty much resolved now, so there should be no issues, unless you happen to be viewing a cached page. If you are experiencing any problems opening attachments or any other type of problems, you might want to clear your cache/temporary Internet files.
1-6 of 8 Results