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  1. REW Forum
    Hi Im runnig REW 5.0 on a mac 10.5 and a firefiace 400. (thank to John Reekie for the guide how to run rew on a mac!!!) whan I make a measure there is almost ever one klick noise during the sweep.??? how can I fix this? any idea about the reason??? thank you for your help! m.
  2. Reviewers Private Forum
    I think this is very interesting and tells us a lot about what we need to focus on more in our newsletters. Every link got at least one click or more, except for the 'View In Browser' and 'Forward to a Friend' links, which is not shown below due to my limited screen height and inability to...
  3. Pro Audio
    How would you guys handle this? The band wants to add the ability to use loops. The big problem is we already have a click track, they want to play if from both logic or a motif. What would be the best way to get all these into the monitor console. I thought about sub mixing at the drummer?
  4. System Setup and Connection
    Hallo folks! I hope it's the right forum. When not, change me :T Short question...i have the audio-interface "PreSonus AudioBox USB" and evrything is working fine...but...everytime...after a messurement (sweep, pink noise, etc.) i hear a low "click". When i close the programm and re-open it...
  5. System Setup and Connection
    I Have my DVDp Hooked up to my HT reciver via digital coax and I keep getting a Clicking sound through all 5 speakers and it is annoying sometimes. I think that there may be a case of digital coax "Noise" I heard about this when I was browsing google for SPDIF "noise" and it seems that people...
1-5 of 5 Results