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    With 25 or more clicks:
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    Sent out 1/7/13...
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    This is very early... not even 24 hours, but gives us an idea and is interesting. Needless to say, I figured the REW update would be a hit. I am going to send out a broadcast email about the REW update and state that we will only announce REW updates within our newsletters going forward, which...
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    I thought several of you would be interested in this:
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    Hi there is around 20% chance to get a click or sound dropout for 2-3 seconds during sweep signal. This happens with 'Java' setting. 'ASIO' does not work at all - I opened separate thread for that I increased the buffer settings in Configuration from 32k to 64K and 128k - no change. What...
1-5 of 5 Results