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  1. Sound isolation clips ISOMAX

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Has anyone tried these? They look pretty good. I planned to use some channel and clips. However I was surprised at the cost! It will cost about 1000$ for enough to do my room. I need to get a price for these. install seems to be a little easier. http://www.kineticsnoise.com/arch/isomax.html
  2. Whisper clips,green glue

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Where is the best place to buy green glue,whisper clips,channel hats in Canada or USA,my father in law goes to Arizona every year for the winter,if it cost too much up here which i think it will then i will ship it to him to bring back from the US.Thanks
  3. RC Clips and Such on the Ceiling

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'll be having my dry wall installed very soon and my installer suggested using RC clips (channels?) on the ceiling. He said that they would put about 1" of space between the two layers of sheet rock. I had planned to put the sheets directly together and use green glue, but I wanted to see...
  4. Clips from Kick- Blu-ray show off exclusive special features

    Kick- comes to Blu-ray next week, and it seems Lionsgate has been dropping clips of the special features all over the web in preparation for its release. Not surprisingly for a studio with a rep for pushing the technological limits, it has plenty of Blu-ray exclusives planned, including "...
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  6. Copying clips from copywrite protected DVDs

    AV Home Theater
    Is it legal to copy clips from DVDs you have purchased? What programs can you use to do so? I have " CyberLink DVD Suite Deluxe " but it won't copy from it because the DVD is protected.
  7. Do clips, GG, DD make a difference inside the room?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Just as the thread title states, do Whisper Clips, Green Glue, double drywall, etc. make a difference inside the room or are they used merely to limit sound transmission through walls? I understand that the addition will reduce incoming noise, but if I have a perfectly quiet house it won't make...