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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi all Since a certain time, one of my focal cms 50 studio monitor has developed an intermitent problem where it will cut off occasionally. Well it's not 100% cutting off, if you stick your ear real close to it you can hear the signal being very quiet. Sometimes the sound will just come back...
  2. Video Calibration
    The Full LightSpace CMS can be 'rented' on a 3 day subscription basis for any user requiring accurate calibration - for professional or home cinema use. Users just need to supply a suitable probe, and as the rental is for the Full LightSpace CMS software, any compatible probe can be used. For...
  3. Video Calibration
    There some good news for the HT calibration community. After some HT enthusiast / Pro calibrators request for Accupel DVG-5000 Video Test Pattern Generator hardware support, LightIllusion worked to make this happen; to support the users that had AccuPel at their calibration gear already and now...
  4. Video Calibration
    Hello HTS Forum users, I have released a Free Version of my calibration disk that you can use with 2 free calibration software solutions to quick measure the performance of any display.
  5. Video Calibration
    A great deal from LightSpace and convergent-av http://www.convergent-av.co.uk/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=2727&start=0&rid=0&S=c95fe94e8b64d6a8a400496889aa18bd From Gordon Frazer "convergent-av ;)
  6. Video Calibration
    I am totally new to video calibration and just did my first calibration. I googled a lot and read a lot of stuff before starting and video calibration turned out to be quite a complex topic. I am very glad to have found this forum cause it is by far the best resource for information I could find...
  7. Video Calibration
    Hi All, Aside from THX optimiser brightness and contrast, I've never done video calibration. Is it worth purchasing a "CalMAN DIY Software w/ i1Display2 OEM" system to calibrate an Optoma HD33 front projector given that it does not have CMS? Also, is it possible/necessary to compensate for the...
1-7 of 8 Results