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  1. Hello from the Sunshine Coast, Canada

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    Hi my name is Mitch and I post a bit on the REW forum, but never introduced myself. I have a blog at Computer Audiophile: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/blogs/mitchco/ I also wrote an eBook on Accurate Sound Reproduction Using DSP: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FURPS40/ Looking forward to...
  2. Hey from south coast UK!

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    Hey guys, just starting to play a bit more seriously with the HT. Looking forward to chatting tech with you.
  3. Belated Merry Christmas from the Texas Coast

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    Hi everyone, I just signed up after reading a bit on this site and I think I will enjoy your company very much. I am not an expert but not a complete novice, however it has been years since I upgraded my AV system. During this time, I have casually read some about AV equipment, but have not...
  4. East Coast

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    Hi, New here and just wanted to introduce myself. I am not really in the HT market but more in commercial as far as my 9-5. ATC, VTC, video over ip, DSP, control systems etc. etc. I like to keep up with current happenings in AV so thought I'd check this place out. I live in the Boston area and...
  5. US Coast Guard local station near us.

    Chat Box SWAMP
    shot this today with my new to me but(used) 70-200L,I sent it to Canon after I bought it to have it cleaned & calibrated & I checked & adjusted the "microadjust" on my 50D,still trying to get used to this lens before I go to maui in Feb. this is cropped a bit *not sure that I impressed with this...
  6. Hi from the Pacific Coast, Washington state

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    Hello! Someone once said that "Honesty is the best policy." so I think I'll go with that... Honestly I joined just because I was looking for an RTA software for speaker measurement and TrueRTA likes to blow up on 64bit Win7 for some reason! (For those that aren't aware, this forum is also...
  7. ESPN 3D hits the west coast for Oregon/UCLA game tonight

    So far, ESPN 3D's college football coverage has been all Eastern and Midwest games, but tonight we'll see some Pac-10 action as the top ranked (depending on which poll you consider to be valid) Oregon ducks take on UCLA at 9 p.m. It's also the first Thursday night broadcast for the channel...
  8. Hello from the sunny and warm Oregon coast

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    ..............yes it really did happen a few years ago. Sunny and warm .....on the Oregon coast.:bigsmile: Speaker building isn't my hobby, but I'm gonna post a question here for a current dilemma and hope I get replies in small words so I can understand the technical answers that are sure to...
  9. Greetings from the Northern Oregon Coast!

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    Hi all! My name is Dave and I run a small home recording studio out of my basement. In addition to recording Demos and CD's for many of our regional musicians, I do a lot of sound design work for local theaters as well as sound FX for some film makers in the area. Lately, about 75% of my gigs...
  10. Christmas Eve Pics from the Coast

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    Yesterday we took a drive out to Oceanside, Oregon. Here are some of the favorite pics I got from the day. The Two I really like -
  11. East Coast Transistor

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    EAST COAST TRANSISTOR http://www.kenwoodparts.com/ 2 Marlborough Road West Hempstead, NY 11552 800-645-3516 Kenwood parts
  12. Gold coast australia

    AV Home Theater
    Hi All just curious to see how many members are on the gold coast like me as it would be good to converse with you all. Cheers:yay2:
  13. Hi All From Gold Coast Australia

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    I have just finished setting up my HT room. I have 7.1 onkyo TX SR 705 cost $1050 Samsung HD 1080P7 DVD Player $139 and Steinman Audio Labs 7.1 Speakers which only cost me $440 on ebay and they sound fantastic. BEN Q projector DLP PE 5120 with a 180" 16:9 screen cost $160 ebay again all brand...
  14. G'Day from the Gold Coast

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    Just a note to say hi, I am a HT enthusiast on the Gold Coast of Australia and currently run a theatre downstairs in a rumpus room consisiting of: Epson Front Projector Richter PM301 Speakers Richter 10" Sub Pioneer Receiver and Progressive DVD Home built wall mounted 100" projector screen All...