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  1. coax inputs stopped working

    System Setup and Connection
    Mitsubishi DLP WD-65732. I dropped satellite a couple of years ago and have been using antenna input. The TV has 2 coax inputs. Both stopped working. I can switch back/forth between inputs from the menu, then do a channel search, wait for it to complete, but it doesn't find any. The other...
  2. Coax to speaker wire?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi! We just purchased a new home that appears to have an in wall audio setup. At this point I don't really know if it works. I have my own pioneer surround sound I would like to attach to it that runs on standard speaker wire. There is actually a place to plug the wire into the wall. However...
  3. Digital Audio Coax Splitter

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    Hi Guys, How are you doing? I am using a Motu 4Pre SoundCard which has 4 Input Microphone PreAmps,1 Digital Coax Input, 4 Analog outputs & 1 Digital Coax Output. I am using all 4 Microphone Inputs for Loud Speaker Measurements, I cannot use Analog Outputs of the SoundCard back in the Analog...
  4. Digital Audio Coax Splitter

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi Guys, How are you doing? I am using a Motu 4Pre SoundCard which has 4 Input Microphone PreAmps,1 Digital Coax Input, 4 Analog outputs & 1 Digital Coax Output. I am using all 4 Microphone Inputs for Loud Speaker Measurements, I cannot use Analog Outputs of the SoundCard back in the Analog...
  5. Fiber optic to coax?

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    My father in law sent this. Not sure if it makes sense. is it as easy as a $20 converter box? Hey, Drew- We just replaced our TV, but the Bose speaker system could not be hooked up since the new set only has a spot for a fiber optic cable and the speakers [of course] operate on coaxial...
  6. RCA audio vs Coax

    Audio Processing
    Is there any difference between a standard red and white RCA audio cable and two coax cables with RCA connectors on each end? Essentially I don't think there is a difference. But why does a standard RCA cable have two wires inside the cable and a coax just one?? Does the meshed wire...
  7. L/R Analog Audio Signal over Coax

    System Setup and Connection
    I'm trying to figure out how a L/R Analog audio signal (red/white) can be connected and passed through a coax cable. I just don't understand how two wires for the Left/Right audio signal can be passed through the single wire of the coax and then be converted back to the Left and Right channels...
  8. What to do with Coax braided shielding.

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    When stripping RG6, what am I supposed to do with the braided shielding? Some websites say to fold back the braided wire back over the outter plastic sheath before you install a compression connector? It this necessary and of so, why? And with quad shielded cable, do you fold back the outter...
  9. coax to speaker wire connection help

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a old unpowered sub that I need to connect to a new Denon. The sub out is coax (rca) and the sub is normal spring terminal speaker wire in. Can I just cut a coax wire? I assume the inner conducter would be positive and the outer negative. Is this correct and will it work? Thanks in...
  10. COAX LFE. Better?

    System Setup and Connection
    Can coax (RCA type) cable be used to connect the LFE channels? thanks
  11. No HD over Coax RJ-6

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Philips 47PFL7432D television. I have it sitting next to a window and it recently got water on it. I tested its various components and determined that the problem was the mainboard/mother board. I ordered a replacement part of the same model number, and installed it. My TV currently...
  12. P.Audio coax experience?

    DIY Speakers
    I've become a dual-concentric fanatic; maybe I'm deluded but I sense a coherence in the sound output. I have a pair of Manley ML-10 speakers; Tannoy SGM-10 drivers in custom boxes with Mastering Lab cross-overs. I recently got a pair of Fostex RP60 [RM765] 6.5 inch coax monitors [satellite...
  13. Coax and composite

    System Setup and Connection
    If I am connecting my DVD player to my A/V receiver, do I need red / white audio plus coax if I have it?
  14. Digital coax to reciever?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    First of all I hope this is the right place for this thread.... I recently was given a couple year old compaq computer, 2ghz AMD single core, 832mb ram, 40gb hdd, onboard graphics and audio. It has a digital coax (orange color) out on it so i took a yellow video cable and hooked it up to my...
  15. Run Cat5/6, Phone, & Coax to AV Receivers

    System Setup and Connection
    I made a critical error in the design and wiring of my Home Theater systems which, hopefully, people setting up their systems could avoid if they are rewiring or installing flatscreens. Flatscreens are kind of new and unique. To make the installation look the best, all of the cables and power...
  16. CD output, digital coax or analog ?

    CD Players | Turntables
    Hello !! I have the Rotel RCD-1072 and the Rotel RSP-1098 processor and I want to know what you think guys about using the analog audio or digital coax audio ? Honestly, I can not ear a real difference, but technicaly I just want to know what should be the best way to carry the signal form the...
  17. Coax and its terminations -- help!

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    I need to re-organize all of the video coax cables in my house that run from my antenna to all of my TVs and just want to start over from scratch with twin shield RG6 coax. Are all RG6's the same diameter so that if I purchased one quality compression tool, it and the compression F fittings...
  18. Which cable run... coax or speaker?

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    I'm gonna have a long run from the front to the back of my room with my DIY sub. I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to place the amp up front and make two 30' speaker runs or place the amp in the back with the sub and make a single 30' coax run. Is it six of one, half dozen of...
  19. Digital coax for sub cable

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    Is it ok to use a digital coax cable for hooking up a subwoofer.I ask because I am gonna add another sub and have a couple extra coax cables laying around here.Just trying to save a dollar if I don`t need to spend it:) Thanks , Jim