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  1. Son off to college = Dad 2-Channel Room

    Two Channel Design and Installation
    A few months after the youngest child moved out during college, my wife suggested we turn his old room into an office for me. In turn, I suggested a 2-channel stereo room instead, paperwork is so 1980's. She is a wonderful lady and got fully on board. Built on a relatively modest budget in a...
  2. The Official 2016 College Football TALKING SMACK Thread

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    Ok guys, time to get your game face on ! So who do you like & who are you rooting for? Me personally, I bleed Garnet & Gold! And we have the potential to have another stellar year. We open with Ole Miss September 5th in Orlando at Camping World Stadium. We are starting a true Freshman @...
  3. The Official 2015 College Football TALKING SMACK Thread

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    OK guys, time to get your game face on!
  4. College student looking for some help

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm trying to decide which I should spend about $350 on: acoustic treatments or covering the walls in black velvet. Right now, acoustics aren't bad but I'm sure they could be a ton better. Watching dark movies is often irritating because I know my RS20 is capable of getting really dark blacks...
  5. The Official 2014 College Football TALKING SMACK Thread

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    2013 College Football has come and gone... and the Seminoles of Florida State took over the reigns of four previous state of Alabama National Championships won by Alabama in 2009, 2011 and 2012... and Auburn in 2010... and they finally derail the SEC after 7 straight years of winning the...
  6. The Official 2013 College Football TALKING SMACK Thread

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    Associated Press Poll LET'S GET IT ON! ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  7. Two more major conferences abandon EA Sports’ college football efforts

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Two more major conferences abandon EA Sports’ college football efforts King SEC’s decision today to have all their logos and trademarks removed from future iterations of the newly renamed EA Sports’ College Football (RIP NCAA Football) was just the beginning, as both the...
  8. College Football is here... 2012 Season

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    Getting excited?
  9. HDTV for college bound son

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I'm looking for recommendation for an HDTV. My son is headed off to college this fall. :yikes: He's living on campus his 1st year. The rooms are 9x12 or 10x14. Not sure of the layout. So the viewing distance could range from 7' to 12'. That's assuming 2' seating distance off of the wall. Here's...
  10. college budget theater

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    my first thread and looking for a home theater system for a small room. i live in a college apartment, about 600 square feet and have about $300 maybe $400 to spend on an audio system. i have read on the forums that most of you guys do not recommend buying a complete system in a box, so should i...
  11. My 23 year old college speakers finally broke (Orig. Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble) Suggestions?

    Home Audio Speakers
    The year was 1988, and the original Ensemble were two subs and 2 satellites. I was a poor, married college student who couldn't convince his wife to let him spend $500 on a speaker system. I had burned all my capital on convincing her to let me spend $200 on an entry level NAD receiver, but...
  12. The Official College Football 2011 Smack Talking Thread

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    I'll get us kicked off here... ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  13. Versus schedules first 3D broadcast: Oregon/Cal college football November 13th

    ESPN 3D won't be alone in its broadcasts of college football and other sporting events for long, now that Versus has announced it's launching 3D broadcasts (just two years after getting its own fulltime HD channel) during two college games November 13th. The first game, TCU/San Diego State at...
  14. ESPN 3D's fourth college football broadcast is Auburn/South Carolina

    ESPN 3D will keep things rolling in week four of the college football season by featuring Auburn, again, as it hosts Steve Spurrier and South Carolina on September 25. That of course makes Auburn the first repeat on the schedule, after this weeks matchup with Clemson. Now that that's announced...
  15. ESPN 3D schedules 13 college football broadcasts this season; Va. Tech / Boise St. is first

    After unveiling the standard college football schedule, ESPN has seen fit to reveal the first three of the 13 games it plans to broadcast in 3D this season. Boise State will face Virginia Tech on September 6, a Monday night, while Ohio State and Miami will do battle September 11, before...
  16. Advice for College Student

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Right now i have a panasonic 7.1 surround sound, its been decent but i wanna piece together my own system that sounds the way i want. My problem now is that i dont have enough bass and i would like for teh sound to be cleaner through out the speakers. My problem is i dont know what brands are...
  17. College Student looking to replace panasonic HTIB

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    My living room at my house is approximately 16x18 or a little less. Im currently running a panasonic 7.1 which is decent but of course it has a small sub and everything and it has plugs on it so you cant replace speakers so im gonna complety redo everything. I dont know where to start should i...
  18. College student, speaker recommendations

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello everyone. I just found this site earlier today, what a wealth of information! I will definitely be using this for years to come. I have started to search through the stickies and FAQs but its going to be awhile before I find my footing in this sea of information. As such, I was hoping...
  19. My little college setup

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I am currently a college student majoring in Information Technology Management, living off campus with all my audio video desires. Right now this is what i am running: -Arcam AVR-300 receiver. I love this thing, so very much power and sounds great even though its not the latest in tech. -...
  20. For fans of the college world series

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    www.omahastadium.com New stadium proposal. For those of you who have been to omaha...or just watched on ESPN...this is awsome. Theres so many people complaining about it but I think the majority of omaha is onboard. If you've never been to rosenblatt your not really missing anything. Its a...