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  1. What the Latest Survey Says About Apple TV Features, And Why Cable Companies Should Be A Bit Nervous

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    The desire for many TV watchers to "cut the cable" isn't new news or a big surprise, and a recent survey confirms it. The survey shows that nearly half of cable users are willing to pull the proverbial (and literal) plug on their cable services with the growing use of Web / online streaming TV...
  2. Viacom channels disappear from DirecTV after the two companies can't reach a deal

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Engadget
  3. NFL Network, Redzone Channel could be coming to more cable companies

    If your cable company hasn't offered NFL Network so far, keep an eye out, as the league's station and the National Cable Television Cooperative are opening it and NFL Redzone up to the co-op's members. The group claims 17 of the 20 largest cable companies in the country as it's members...
  4. Big cable companies considering packages with, wait for it, less channels

    At one end, we've had the race to add more channels, more VOD and higher speed internet, but according to report by Reuters the next step for cable companies -- in the face of growing over the top competition -- could be smaller basic cable packages. It's not that we don't all want to spend...
  5. Cooperative Screen Companies - will send samples

    Manufactured Screens
    Just as we have an 'Uncooperative Screen Company' thread, we'll have a cooperative one as well. ;) Two companies bend over backwards and send us whatever we requested. Elite Screens - very easy to deal with and has sent everything I requested Da-Lite sent everything I requested Carada will...
  6. Uncooperative Screen Companies - won't send samples

    Manufactured Screens
    I think it's a good idea to let our members know which companies have refused to communicate with us when requesting samples for testing. I have attempted to contact Vutec and Stewart for samples and they never replied. The first contact was over a year ago and then again recently. I've never...
  7. Which companies are recommended?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi im new to the NICE home theater stuff most of my limited knowledge is in car audio and im just wondering what companies build a great system that sound clear and have good range. We've been looking around at bose and this orb audio. But what are some excellent companies that have good SPL...