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  1. best component to use

    System Setup and Connection
    hi all i have the rbh impressions speaker package i want to use 11.4 setup using my denon 6200 i want to connect the two front speakers and centre channel to a extra external amp and the rest to the denon in peoples opion what would be the best 3 channel amp to use thanks
  2. Power- The Overlooked Component

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I really liked the recent post about here on HTS about Auro 3D and found this example of a stellar Auro 3D HT. http://mrgcustom.com/press/Electronic%20House%20Jan%202016%20Issue%20-%20MRG%20Theater.pdf When I read the author/designers philosophy the proverbial "light bulb" went off. He states...
  3. Why won't my Apple TV play (via HDMI) on my projector (via Component) routed through Yamaha receiver?

    System Setup and Connection
    Specifically, I have an Apple TV connected via HDMI to a Yamaha TSR-5790 receiver which is connected to a projector (and speakers) via Component cables. I can get the sound to come out but cannot project the image? Does it require both the Component and HDMI cable to run from the receiver to...
  4. Component selection recommendations- Full home theater

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    would like to get some opinions on a home theater I am building for my father and mother. They just moved into this monstrosity of the house (they just retired) and instead of putting a bar in the basement...as they don't drink, I recommended a home theater, and so got a greenlight. Budget...
  5. High end component speakers with stock head unit?

    Mobile Audio
    I’ve been sitting on some really nice (I think?) car stereo gear for 10-12 years now, and I’ve finally given up on the idea that I’ll ever get the motivation to do another installation myself, as I did in times past. So I’m looking towards having a system put in my 2003 Town Car, probably next...
  6. Component car audio speakers (passive xover) be wired in series?

    DIY Audio
    My roommate absolutely loves my way too bright car audio mids/tweets. For a home audio (gaming/music) system would it be possible to wire 3 speakers / 3 tweets into a single channel to get them from the 2ohm load they are to a 6ohm (so the receiver doesn't have a heart attack)? In my mind it...
  7. HDMI Source, Component to Projector

    System Setup and Connection
    I've got a Integra 40.1 Receiver with multiple HDMI sources (DVD, PS3, Roku, etc) and a 720p/1080i projector with s-video, composite video, and a HD D-sub 15-pin that can be set to accept the following: Computer, Video GBR, Component or DTV signal, as well as the less useful. The picture...
  8. Next component advice

    System Setup and Connection
    Evening gentlemen, Looking to add a component that will allow me to configure all of my channels & subwoofer. That has an EQ, DSP, & in depth options for adjustments. Aside from Beringer, what is a brand or model you'd recommend? Really like the little I've read on NAD products, they seem...
  9. Recommended AV Receiver with HDMI in and Component (YPbPr) Out

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi, my sister recently received a bigger TV than what she was using. It's 55" but unfortunately it's an older model, kinda like one of those big boxy rear-projection type tv's. It has no HDMI or DVI inputs but has component (YPbPr) inputs. Her blu-ray player only has HDMI out on it....so does...
  10. Component Video Extenders

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi Everyone I'm looking at extending component video across rooms (50 feet) or so and came across this on Amazon: Component Video Analog Stereo L/R RCA Audio Wall Plate Balun Extender, includes Sender & Receiver Quick question, can composite video be hooked up to this as well? How about two...
  11. Need help selecting the right 5.1 speakers component ( Budget 1,043$ )

    Home Audio Speakers
    So I just started with a modest budget of 2,000$ for building my HT setup. As you can see from this thread http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/home-theater-system-recommendations/79746-need-help-building-ht-system-under-2000-a-2.html , I used part of that budget to buy a Marantz SR6008...
  12. Component codes for AA59-00621A remote

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Just purchased a Samsung AA59-00621A remote for use with home theater system. The remote came with no user manual or component codes. Can someone point me in the right direction as to where I can download a user/setup manual?
  13. Did some component rearraning for my digital media

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Three years back, I bought a non networked digital media player (Iomega) that came equipped with a 1TB disk for $100. I snagged it just for the disk and started to use as it played almost any kind of media you could toss into its hard drive. However, I got tired of unplugging it from the AVR and...
  14. Placing my component rack...a question

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    All, I am in (still) the planning phase of building my home theater. One of the elements I am trying to figure out is where to place my component rack. From a central wiring perspective, putting it in the same general vicinity of the main electrical panel is optimal (see attached); however, I...
  15. Infocus LP130

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hi everyone, first post here, and pretty much anywhere so bear with me a bit on this. My dad is giving me a projecter he has had for quite a few years, its the Infocus LP130. I am wanting to be able to hook it up to my ps3. I know i cant connect it straight from my ps3 to the projecter because...
  16. Marantz Injects New Life Into Its Hi-Fi Component Lineup

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Marantz, celebrating its 60th year of existence, is refreshing components offered in its Hi-Fi department. Gone are the CD6004 CD player and the PM6004 Amplifier, as Marantz recently announced their replacements: The CD6005 CD player and PM6005 Amplifier. “With the introduction of these two...
  17. Xbox One shipping forecast lowered due to poor component yield, claims Chinese paper

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Xbox One shipping forecast lowered due to poor component yield, claims Chinese paper Microsoft is claimed to have lowered its Xbox One shipping forecast for 2013 due to poor yield rates on several of the console’s components. Digitimes reports that Chinese paper...
  18. DIY Component Cabinet Day 1 of ???

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    As you may know because of my previous post [URL] I've been wanting to build a new component cabinet. My dream cabinet would be a Sanus CFR2136: But at $1,100 it is just way too out of my budget. My current cabinet is a TechCraft 60 in that I have had for about 8 years or so. As you can...
  19. Composite or component cables

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    We have A WII connected directly to a TV. Would it be worth using component cables instead of composite cables if I connect it to my Onkyo NR-709? I understand that the AVR will output the signal through the HDMI cable to the TV and upconvert the signal?
  20. Need 2 channel component advice

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi guys. I have 2 PSB C60 L/C/R speakers that I use for a shop/ "outdoor" system. I have them on a dolly and can roll them out of the shop. I have a cheap Pioneer HTIB AVR powering them, and I only use an Ipod as a source. I'd like to upgrade the power running these speakers, but am unsure...