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  1. AudioControl Announces Concert AVR-7 and Concert AVR-9 Atmos/DTS-X Enabled Receivers

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    Seattle's AudioControl recently announced retail availability of its new Atmos-enabled 7.1.4 channel Concert AVR-7 and Concert AVR-9 AV receivers. Aside from carrying attractively unique physical styling, the AVR-7 and AVR-9 are loaded with enough current tech to keep them relevant for years to...
  2. What's the last concert you've attended?

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    The wife and I are about to head out for Dave Mathews Band here in KC. Six rows back from the stage and fairly centered. PUMPED! :)
  3. Paul McCartney concert In Edmonton

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    Paul McCartney did two live concerts in my home city (the first time he has ever been here) and a huge surprise, He requested a children's choir and somehow got a hold of our church pastor and picked our children's choir! A once in a lifetime event that they will never forget! The did...
  4. Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand vs Legacy Audio Classic HD vs Triangle 30th Anniversary Comete / Antal

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and noticed that people here seem to know quite a bit about speakers. So here's my situation: I have a soon-to-be recapped and fully restored HH Scott 299C tube amp that's going to be looking for a nice set of speakers for a home audio set-up. It's a 30 watt...
  5. Using rew for live concert system analysis

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    Hello all... I am an ElectroAcoustical Engineer based in Caracas. My specialty is acoustical design and system installation for large Venues (churches, gyms, concert halls, studios). I sill be trying REW in some such situations soon, just wondered if any of you guys have any tips for use in...
  6. My first concert, got some questions...

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    Not the best first impression but perhaps Im just a victim of my small town circumstances, gf and I went to see Foreigner last night at the Bay County Civic Center, it seats 2500 people. I was disappointed with the extremely shrill and smashed mid range (especially with the songs of a more...
  7. New Orleans Concert Music of Americas Soul Blu-ray - Only $5.00 - Save 79%

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    Only $5.00 79% OFF | MSRP: $23.99 2588 Avaialable | 12 Sold as of 03/13/10 2:50pm CST Free Shipping
  8. Looking for Fleetwood Mac Concert DVD

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    Can anyone suggest a Fleetwood Mac DVD that might have most of their greatest hits with decent audio-video?
  9. Who would you most like to see in concert?

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    Just trying out the poll feature. I'm sure someone will be left off that shouldn't. You can vote more than once. Some of the choices are pure fantasy.
  10. My Latest Symphony Concert Recording

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    March 1st, saw me again in the concert hall, recording the top musicians in the Classical music field. This time, a prominent cellist hired me to record her performance and we did a four camera shoot, employing a new camera from Sony's CineAlta line. Frame grabs from the video are too big to...
  11. Michael W. Smith Christmas concert

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    The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra backed him up and it was just superb:clap: His latest CD is a Christmas theme and is all new music written by him with and was recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studio in London. With 4 choirs backing him. The CD is no less than amazing Its a shame that he has not...
  12. John Fogerty-Revival concert

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    It has been a long time since I went to a live concert. Saw John Fogerty last night. Terrific concert, played a lot of CCR. It seemed the crowd would only stand for the CCR songs and he got a luke warm reception the the new songs (which were pretty good). The audience demographics was...
  13. Pics from benefit concert!

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    Here are a few pictures I took of the Shaw Brothers benefit Concert at the Portsmouth Music Hall I recorded on Sunday. The Bothers were teamed up with Eric Weissberg on banjo, guitar, mandolin and lap slide ; and John Hunter on double bass. Just amazing. Eric played his hit "Dueling Banjos"...
  14. Favorite LIVE concert?

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    I did a search, and saw there was no thread on this subject. I'm surprised......... My favorite concert, for a single big name band, was The Doobie Brothers. They were excellent live! Saw them twice, and both times, they were outstanding! First time was at Duke University, right after the...
  15. Yanni Live Concert Event DVD Review

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    Let's get all the jokes out of the way early on ok? Yes, he's a fruity looking and acting guy - yes, some of the performers are dressed quite strange and make awkward looking faces - and yes, I believe some of his early solo piano work is elevator-type music. Just mentioning the guy's name...
  16. Les Claypool's Fancy DVD - Concert Review

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    Well almost 1 year to the day from when I saw Les and his Fancy Band play live in Vancouver the DVD of the tour was released. The footage is entirely composed of video taken by fans in the audience. The Audio is a mix of both fan recordings and soundboard. The clips were all taken from US dates...
  17. My Concert Photos from 70's. Can you guess who they are?

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    I just wanted to tell you a little about myself and what I used. I live in the St.Louis Missouri area and these were taken in different venues. At the time I used my dads 35mm that he bought in the 50's. It was through the viewer not lens so I never was sure how the pictures would turn out. I...
  18. David Gilmour DVD: David Gilmour in Concert - DVD Review

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    DVD Review: David Gilmour in Concert David Gilmour In Concert This is my favorite music DVD and one worth some discussion whether you are a Pink Floyd/David Gilmour fan or not. I don't know that there has been a concert enjoyed my so many of our friends who have never listened to much of...