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  1. Home Audio Speakers
    In a small condo with a room that is 15.5' x 28.25' with the HT on the wide wall (438 sq ft total and 7'- 8' listening distance), which would be the better Dynaudio Front Speakers to use, the Excite X34 or the X38 (no sub will be used because it is a condo plus cost IS a consideration) . Normal...
  2. AV Home Theater
    What SPL are you able to run you Home Theater System in a Condo WITHOUT COMPLAINTS? With this number, I would also be curious of they type of building construction used in your condo. Did you take any precautions to prevent neighbor complaints?
  3. Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am new to speaker placement for surround sound. I have a room that is approximately 13' x 11' with 9' ceiling. I would like to put in a 5.1 system, but my room technically only has 3 walls. I live in a condo so the right hand side of the room has no wall and is exposed to the kitchen. I...
  4. Home Audio Acoustics
    Got this question via email, thought I would post it here so you can check my math: When it comes to soundproofing, you need mass (density) and separation (decoupling). This means that any transmissive surface in the room, say a wall, needs to be heavy to reduce the sound waves that are...
1-4 of 4 Results