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  1. Dynaudio X34 or X38 for small condo HT

    Home Audio Speakers
    In a small condo with a room that is 15.5' x 28.25' with the HT on the wide wall (438 sq ft total and 7'- 8' listening distance), which would be the better Dynaudio Front Speakers to use, the Excite X34 or the X38 (no sub will be used because it is a condo plus cost IS a consideration) . Normal...
  2. What SPL are you able to run your HT in a Condo?

    AV Home Theater
    What SPL are you able to run you Home Theater System in a Condo WITHOUT COMPLAINTS? With this number, I would also be curious of they type of building construction used in your condo. Did you take any precautions to prevent neighbor complaints?
  3. Rear speaker placement for small condo

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I am new to speaker placement for surround sound. I have a room that is approximately 13' x 11' with 9' ceiling. I would like to put in a 5.1 system, but my room technically only has 3 walls. I live in a condo so the right hand side of the room has no wall and is exposed to the kitchen. I...
  4. Soundproofing a condo

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Got this question via email, thought I would post it here so you can check my math: When it comes to soundproofing, you need mass (density) and separation (decoupling). This means that any transmissive surface in the room, say a wall, needs to be heavy to reduce the sound waves that are...