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  1. How to configure hardware loopback when using ASIO/HDMI?

    REW Forum
    A respected contributor in an REW thread over on AVS Forums has advised me that the "Use Loopback as Timing Reference" must be configured in the Impulse Response Calculation section of the Analysis Preferences tab. Furthermore, the "Set t=0 at IR Peak" must be unchecked. Without these...
  2. Getting frustrated with trying to configure REW

    REW Forum
    Have a toshiba win7 laptop and a UCA-202 sound card and RS Analog SPL meter. Edit:: sound this thread that helped me calibrate my sound card correctly!!!! http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/rew-forum/26169-uca-202-problems-solutions-calibration-rew-windows-7-more.html I was ready to give...
  3. unable to configure sound card

    REW Forum
    Goid day all for the past 3 hours i have been trying to get rew to work and configure my soundcard but nothing is working. REW is outputting no sound to the card bt it is working cause i can hear windows sounds. my card outpout is pluggued into my AVR tape in and my line in to the SPL my...