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    :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: Congratulations! :highfive: :highfive: :highfive: :fireworks2: :fireworks1:hyghwayman:fireworks1: :fireworks2: Don wins the SB13 Ultra Subwoofer! :party: :party: :outstanding: :party: :party:
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    CONGRATULATIONS to phillihp23 and BD55, who won our December HTS Newsletter Trivia contests. Each winner had their choice of Blu-ray movies we have reviewed. phillihp23 chose The Expendables 2 and BD55 chose The Dark Knight Rises. Happy viewing!!! Be sure to subscribe to the HTS Newsletter...
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    :fireworks1::fireworks2:Congrats to member bkeeler10 who wins our $500 Cash Giveaway!:fireworks2::fireworks1: We appreciate all of our newsletter subscribers who entered the giveaway and we hope to do more of the same very soon. In order to enter the cash giveaways you must be subscribed to...
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    :fireworks2: tonyvdb wins the AVFoundry VideoEQ Pro :fireworks2: (See our review here.) :fireworks1:southworth wins the DVDO iScan Duo :fireworks1: (See our review here.)
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    :fireworks1:We have winners!:fireworks2: Congratulations to all of our OPPO Blu-ray Player Winners! Congratulations to erwinbel who wins the BDP-83SE OPPO Blu-ray Player! Congratulations to patchesj who wins the BDP-83 OPPO Blu-ray Player! Congratulations to vann_d who wins the BDP-80...
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    Congratulations to the following $2500 CASH Giveaway Winners!!! http://www.hometheatershack.com/images/money.jpg $1000 :spend: SteveCallas $500 :spend: thewired $350 :spend: tonyvdb $325 :spend: tcarcio $325 :spend: MatrixDweller :party: Thank you all for your contribution to the Shack! :T...
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    :fireworks1: Congratulations to eyekode, mgboy and Owen Bartley... :fireworks2: Winners of the Creative Sound Solutions SDX10 x 3 Giveaway! :T :T :T
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SVS WINNER..... DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLLL........................ :woohoo: :fireworks2: :fireworks1: :fireworks2: Wins his choice of a PB13-Ultra or PC-Ultra! :party: Thanks to everyone who participated ... and don't go anywhere... we have lots more to give away! :yes:
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    :fireworks2: Congratulations to members John Simpson and Mongrel714... each win a SoundSplinter RL-p18 driver! :fireworks1: Compliments of SoundSplinter and the Shack! http://www.soundsplinter.com/images/rlp18-bottom-right-image.jpg :dancebanana: :party: :woohoo:
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    A big congrats to our giveaway winners! :party: :fireworks2: SoundSplinter giveaway winner = Josuah Buttkicker giveaway winner = Mr. Lamb Fries December DVD giveaway winner = WillyD :outstanding: :fireworks3: :yourock: :fireworks1:
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    FlashJim is our winner for the July BFD / RS Meter giveaway. Congratulations Jim! :party:
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    DMF is our July DVD winner! Congratulations DMF! :party:
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    Steve Williamson is our first months DVD winner! Congratulations Steve! :party:
1-13 of 16 Results