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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I just picked up a Hitachi 61SWX12B, I dont know too much about the history of it. I got it cheap becuase it needs new STK392-110's and that's no big deal. But what I'm worried about is when I run the magic focus it starts with just red, it moves it around the screen like it should, and the...
  2. Toshiba
    Hi i got my convergence chips today for my Toshiba 50H82, im wondering what the order for the chips is on the bored. The number on the old chips are the same just wondering if there was a specific order. The old number on the top of the chip is D2H12 the new ones are D7G22 And D7G23. thanks
  3. Toshiba
    After replacing convergance ic's with stk394-160 and one bad resistor I am able to line convergance grid perfectly in service mode but I am receiving a touch focus error. I have saved the settings and the picture is perfect but this error bothers me. Is there something i need to check or...
1-3 of 3 Results