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  1. 53uwx10ba convergence?

    I just bought cheap, this tv. when turned on, it is fine for just a minute or so, then the left side suddenly portrays what look like a convergence issue, with the colors ofset. A tech the other people had come check on it said it was one side loosing convergence and would cost 30 something...
  2. model ws-65869 convergence?

    Does anyone know what problem this is, and maybe how to fix it? Jim
  3. toshiba 50h72 convergence?

    hi I've just changed the two stk392-110 for my toshiba 50h72 tv. and the picture was still 3d with a color of. I did some testing on the convergence pc board, i found one of the resistors R7726 was shot. i changed it the tv worked for a couple hours and went back to a bad convergence. the red...
  4. Focus or Convergence?

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I picked up a Zenith Z60Z83R 60" RPTV from Freecycle last year. The previous owner was throwing it out because the picture was no good any more, but I figured I could take a crack at a repairing it, and it would make a fine addition to my garage game room. I've read through the first 10 posts...
  5. Step-by-Step for tuning convergence?

    Talking about service-level settings, not the general consumer settings in the main menu.. I've done it many times, any time I notice the it's drifting near a corner. We just switched to Dish HD service, and I had to set my 1080i settings (my 65" Diamond rear projection has different settings...
  6. Toshiba 61H71 Convergence?

    Hello! I have a Toshiba 61H71 that is about 7-8 years old. A few weeks ago I started getting what I think are “Convergence Issues,” specifically with RED. The issue is predominant in the lower left corner (looks like half a sine wave). When I try to “Touch Focus,” I get a Touch Focus error...