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  1. Basic receiver that stays cool

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    We have a full size system in our basement with a projector screen, but I am looking for a basic (5.1) receiver for our living room. The receiver is housed in the bottom of an antique style cabinet, and I am looking for something ideally with a high efficiency (class D) amp that will stay cool...
  2. New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hi y'all. I am new here and just looking around to familiarize myself with the forum. :wink2:0:)
  3. Really cool video on Sound and how it interacts with different things

    AV Home Theater
    Saw this video and its really neat to see, A must watch :cool: http://youtu.be/Q3oItpVa9fs
  4. Putting the Cool Back Into the Cassette, Here Comes "Awesome Mix Vol. 1"

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    It’s time for a trip down memory lane with our old friend the cassette tape. Just a smidge over 50 years ago, the cassette was introduced at the 1963 Berlin Radio Show. It was met with interest and intrigue, but settled-in as second fiddle to the rather ungainly 8-track tape and the audiophile...
  5. Keeping projectors cool

    Home Theater Projectors
    What are the best methods for keeping projectors cool. I assume fans are the most logical means of cooling? What types of switched power supplies are people using.
  6. "project 12" beer tasting

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I found a cool 12 pack yesterday,I had never seen before. I like lagers the best, anyway,this box has 4 of each of 3 different recipes ,they want feedback after the beer gets tasted. pretty cool & fun for me. . . I tried the 63118 first,I will taste them all then go online and give them the...
  7. something cool

    Chat Box SWAMP
    i did something cool today and wanted to share.there are replica's of the nina and pinta.docked about 20 miles from me.we went and had a blast.i even purchased a t-shirt.:T here is a picture of the nina some pics of below deck areas picture of the pinta lastly a picture of the pinta from...
  8. optoma's rapid cool down

    Home Theater Projectors
    I recently purchased the optoma's pro160 and it has a rapid cool down feature when you hit the power button you get a 10 second countdown in which the fan speeds up then it shuts completely off on close inspection the the lamp is still hot can anyone shed any light on this feature i only ask...
  9. 1st Graphs, THIS IS COOL!

    REW Forum
    This is such a powerful tool, am learning more with it each time. Gear: Vintage Frazier Monte Carlo II bookshelf speakers on stands, 1 cu ft sealed sub w/10" Dayton driver M-Audio Fast Track USB II If you gurus could have a look I would appreciate the feedback! It appears the sub level is a...
  10. Cool Site

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all members, nice site.
  11. Avid is doing cool things!

    Pro Audio
    For once lol. By Frank Wells. Avid’s Pro Audio division announced today its first new hardware and software products developed under the Avid brand—flagship I/O options and a new software processing paradigm for Pro Tools|HD dubbed HEAT (Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology). Tony...
  12. Netflix officially announces PS3 search, promises 'more cool features in store'

    Sure we knew the PlayStation 3 had added search to its Watch Instantly repertoire (some of you have known longer than others) but just in case, there's a post on the official Netflix blog from VP of product development Greg Peters saying so. The truly interesting element is that this may be...
  13. How do I cool the HT room

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    with a dead vent? So the goal is to build a shed for my HT room. The shed will be 7.9m x 6m x 2.7-3m. In the shed there will be a HT room with the dimensions of 12ft x 16ft roughly. The extra space will be a half bath measuring about 3ft x 6ft, a media closet 4.5ft x 3ft deep and a spare...
  14. Need some cool curtains

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    I am in need of some cool curtains to go around my screen. I was thinking of just some dark black in a velvet or similar fabric, but then I started thinking about something cooler, like Star Wars or some other theme. Has anyone come across any good deals on fabric, or even pre-made curtains? I...
  15. Just built a cool database- help me fill it. -- Resource for DIY.

    DIY Speakers
    Just built a cool database- help me fill it. -- Resource for DIY. Tired of asking/answering the same questions over and over again? You know there is a link out there somewhere but you just can't find it? This database is useful because it offers the ability to sort on several criteria...
  16. Post Padding Thread

    This is it... the famous post padding thread so that you can get your first five post out of the way quickly. The old post padding thread got wiped out accidentally... we apologize to those who may be inconvenienced.
  17. For You Car Audio Guys, but if you aren't, this is still cool!

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I worked in Car Audio for a long time before moving over to home audio and had quite a few systems. I always loved building stuff and installing systems (even though I was a salesman/manager) and always was a big fan of the older Phoenix Gold amps. Think MS1000, M100, Frank-Amp-N'Stein, etc...
  18. Cool site to watch TV shows and Movies.

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I found this site where you can watch a lot of old and new tv shows and whole movies with out even downloading anything. Oh yea, and its FREE. Check it out. At the top just click TV or Movies and then click alphabetical and you can watch anything that has a tv or film picture next to it...
  19. Cool Person Test

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Coolness Test This test is based on how cool you were in High School- what crowd you ran with, etc., but it's still pretty accurate. You may want to send it to your friends to see if they've changed. http://www.elks590.org/main/cooltest.htm
  20. Very cool WWWMTMW

    DIY Speakers
    I came across this design by accident when I was browsing around, and thought it looked awesome. http://www.adireaudio.com/Home/KITApex.htm With 4 Extremis 6.8's they must have some serious low end. And the pricing varies from $1,600 for the "premium" kit to $5,999 for the finished...