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    Having never done any kind of electrical wiring before, I have a few questions. I've watched a bunch of how-to videos explaining how to strip wire and put banana plugs on the ends, but my wire isn't like the type I keep seeing on the videos and it's confusing the out of me. It's 16 gauge...
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    Only $149.95 63% OFF | MSRP: $399.95 361 Available | 61 Sold as of 08/10/12 10:10am CDT Free Shipping
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    Monster Turbine Pro Copper w/ ControlTalk Headphone Review MSRP: $429.95 Value: :2stars: Fit & Finish: :3stars: Home Theater Performance: :4stars: Music Performance: :4stars: Overall: :3.5stars: Monster Cable is a highly controversial brand in the home theater...
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    The New List with noted additions and deletions 9/6/2011: Denon 3805 AVR B&W DM303 Speakers Mission 765's - I've replaced the Lg Mission speakers Focal 705S's - New Side Surrounds Paradigm Ctr w/Focal 5.25" mids - I am Replacing with B&W LCR3 B&W LCR3 - New Center Channel Speaker Focal Cub2 Sub...
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    Hi everyone... Where can i buy silver cables (DIY) innterlock cables for pre/pro to amp ...Or is copper better to deal with and easier to get a hold of.... obviously silver is a better conductor and it would be more money the copper cables .All i can find is copper DIY but no silver DIY...Any...
1-5 of 5 Results