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  1. Custom 10awg Cryo'd power cords = wow

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    My uncle made up some cheapie cords for me using some hospital grade connectors and some run of the mill 3c/#10 SOOW cord. He made me three total, a 2' for the krell, a 3' for the denon and a 8' for the sub and then had them Cryo'd by a friend of his that does the -300f cryo process. Put them...
  2. Using appliance surge protectors with extension cords?

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    We got a new refrigerator last week and like every other appliance these days, it has on-board electronics. Just something else to break as far as I’m concerned – they can’t figure out how to make an icemaker that will last the life of the ’fridge, so they give us this instead. Whatever...
  3. Power cords

    DIY Audio
    I like the idea of making your own power cords. Made to the exact length you need etc. But is there a place to buy the proper components with out having to mortgage the house?
  4. Modified Bob Crump Power Cords

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  5. Useful tip: PTFE Pipe thread tape on headphone cords

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    Hello: I just wanted to share this method I have been using for awhile now. Around my headphone cords, I wrap the white PTFE (Teflon) thread seal tape in a 'spiral' fashion starting at the 'head end' working my way down to the 1/8" plug. I have not yet put heat-shrink tubing around the end of...
  6. DIY AC cords... NO FLAMES, just curious......

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    I have recently pulled 4 each 20 amp 120 VAC dedicated circuits in for my system (using 10 gauge home runs). 2 of my amplifiers come with 20 amp power cords and the owners manual recommends a 20 amp circuit per amplifier. After doing some reading and talking to one friend in particular (whose...