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  1. Hello, new here, asking for some assistance in picking correct BW mixture. Thanks.

    DIY Screens
    Hello, i made the jump down that rabbit hole and finally purchased my first projector. I have wanted one for years but could never afford one, finally able to. I purchased an Epson 5030ub. I am interested in going the painted route for my screen. Option #1 = Paint wall itself. Option #2 = I am...
  2. EQ'ing sub the correct way? LFE/Redirected bass

    REW Forum
    Hello guys I have a couple of questions when EQing my system. I use 100% parametric EQ for my whole system which consists of: 2 x passive sub woofers powered and EQ'ed by a inuke 6000DSP Receiver is a Yamaha RX-2040 used for EQ'ing the main speakers. When i EQ the subwoofers i set the LFP...
  3. REW & Asio4all - problems sending test tone to correct speaker channels

    REW Forum
    Hi friends, :huh: =( Really desperate and need some help for this. I've been trying to fix this for past 3 weeks but no avail. I'm on a 5.2 HT setup with the Denon 4520 AVR. All 5 speaker channels are powered by an external Rotel power amp through the pre-outs. I've been using REW and...
  4. Measure and correct what speaker manufactures want them to sound like

    REW Forum
    Hi I want to alter/EQ my speakers for what the speaker manufacturer intended me to hear or sound like. How do I go about this? Maybe take near field measurements? Thanks in advance
  5. Correct room but keep original speaker response

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm planning to use REW + equAPO to improve my Hi-Fi 2.0 system. I've read some tutorials, but not found a concrete response to my main interrogation: Does REW can correct room but keep original speaker response? I don't want a "flat" response, but the one that my speakers would have in a...
  6. Waterfall correct when using loopback?

    REW Forum
    I'm using JRiver and its loopback function and that enables me to measure the response with REW too. However, wil the waterfall (which is time based) be correct when doing this?
  7. Determining correct crossover point

    DIY Speakers
    How's it going gentlemen? Have 2 KEF 6.5 uni-Q speakers that I'm going to build as book shelves or more Dolby Atmos speakers that set atop the towers. Would do the dimensions of the Q300 or similar to the newly announced KEF R50 making the adjustment of the enclosure slightly bigger for the...
  8. Correct REW set up?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    My son and I now each own a new SVS PC12+ I read about REW but couldn't get my mind around all the computer details and procedures, so that's where my son James came in. This is his approach: * His Macbook Pro is running REW 5.0 * the MIDI is set to output through a USB audio interface *...
  9. Am I correct?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hello. My system is 2:1 as in 2 channel and sub. My source Openelec on a Raspberry Pi, analogue out to my amp, a Technics unit, amplifier SU-5A, a 12 Channel SH-E4 graphic eq driving a pair of book shelf speakers SB-F41. oldies but goldies passed down from my mum. I take a speaker level...
  10. minidsp is this the correct hookup

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I am running a onkyo tx sr 608 with 2 RCA FROM MY LFEs to xlr apter cable into xlr inputs to my samson bump box then output xlrs to phoenix adpters to my inputs on my minidsp , then output phoenix adapters to xlrs to my crown xls2000 input and ,then speaker wire from the xls2000 output 1 to...
  11. Have I got my miniDSP needs correct?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    There is a lot of information here and elsewhere, and I have been hunting through it. I think I have my needs figured out, but there are a few doubts I would like to lay to rest. First my setup: - AVR: Yamaha RX-V773 - Sub: SVS PB-1000, crossover is 80 Hz set in the AVR (may be set to 90 or...
  12. Does my calibration look correct ?

    REW Forum
    Hi, I use REW 5.01 Beta 17 on an old macbook 13" (late 2006) running OS X 10.6.8 and Java 1.6. The USB audio interface is an Alesis iO2 express, and the sample rate is set at 44.1 kHz. I attached a loopback cable between the right input and output, and ran the calibration procedure. I try to...
  13. Setting up a 7.2 home theater system...does this look correct?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello everyone, I am finishing my basement. The most exciting component is building a 7.2 home theater. I have created a rendering of what I think it should look like (attached) but would like some expert opinions. Please note, you will see a wall or two that looks like this: == === = ===...
  14. Multi Sub-How to correct for diff distances?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    How would 3 subs, all at different distances be level matched and Time aligned at MLP I have 2 identical, that are L+R and same distance , but what if all are at diff positions ??
  15. I need help to correct my frequency response

    REW Forum
    Hello, first, sorry for my bad english I measure for some time with REW. My Equipment you can see here: www.bluray-disc.de/blulife/heimkino/alpenpoint I measure with a Tascam US144MKII with a calibrated ECM 8000 and my HTPC. The measurements are calibrated to 83db. Here you can download my...
  16. Can'y figure out why EQ will not correct entire measurement

    REW Forum
    I do not recall REW having ever done this before to me but basically regardless of what I do for adjustments, at the apex of the house curve target the response below that freq (for example 30 hz being the apex) zero adjustment is applied for correction. I believe I have investigated every...
  17. The Epson LPE Filter. Over 1600 Color Correct Lumens Out Of the 5010/5020 6010/6020? A Detailed Review.

    Home Theater Projectors
    What is the LPE filter? It's a filter 12 cm in diameter that mounts on the 5010/5020. It comes with special edition "Light Power Edition" 5010/5020s projectors. It corrects the native light output of the bulb in the same fashion as the internal filter, except that it is more efficient due to...
  18. Does my sound card cal look correct?

    REW Forum
    I got the SB X-fi HD sound card and want to make sure my sound card calibration file is ok. Any comments?
  19. Correct settings for X-FI and Windows 7 for analog output needed

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hello! I get confused about how to setup my speakers in Windows and in the X-FI control panel to make sure first that I am not setting double crossovers or so. For example, do I go to the Windows Playback devices and change speakers to FULL Range but then in the X-Fi THX control panel check the...
  20. correct forum(s), and which graphs to post?

    REW Forum
    Hello Shacksters, Background: I'm preparing to start a thread to post results (graphs) from my first 'baseline' REW measurement session and from after my first earnest attempt at system tuning, to get: expert interpretation of my REW measurements advice on somewhat wide range of topics, all...