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  1. A couple of THTLP subs I finished

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    First one was for a friend I met on another forum that lived close by, small world !! Super nice guy that wanted a sub built. We worked out a trade for building his sub. Hats off to Bill this is a awesome design, seems to have unlimited output in room, unless you want to break things!!
  2. HLS6187 Help - 3 Flashing lights + High pitched sqeal

    So the big issue that I am having is: Powers on Bulb comes on, tv works for about 30 seconds picture goes out but sound keeps working tv shuts off and flashes the 3 lights in the front Turning it back on does the same thing but even faster. I tried replacing the lamp and that did not fix the...
  3. Changing things up so a couple questions

    System Setup and Connection
    Putting together a separate low/mid-priced HT set-up so I’ll be switching out some of the gear in my current main HT system and buying some new replacement stuff. I plan to pull the 7.2 channel NAD AVR and Oppo BDP 93 out of my primary system and have a new Marantz 8801 processor and Oppo BDP...
  4. samsung HT-BD1252R/XEU Shutting down after couple of minutes (protection mode)

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    hi i was wondering if i could get any advice my home cinema system keeps shutting down after a couple of minutes thanks
  5. Advice on buying a 65-70inch TV that I will replace in a couple of years with a 4K one?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I want to buy a 65 or 70-inch display for a large room. I really would like to get a 4k display, though I’m just not sure it is worth it to invest in this technology right now for the price. I feel like it might be something worth having in the next 2-3 years as content becomes available and...
  6. a couple of screen questions

    Manufactured Screens
    If I get a curved screen what are the pros and cons? Do I need a different projector setup? I have a benq 1070 and will be projecting on either a 135 16:9 or a 150 16:9, my other question is who besides innovative screens make a black screen? The problem I'm having is i dont see the black...
  7. couple of questions

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I built dual 18" fi audio sonosubs a couple years ago and they have always seemed weak (seems like they put out a little less than my 4 cs ultras). I've been running them off of a ep2500 in "stereo mode" which gives them each 1200w @ 2ohm and I have the input linked for both channels. DO THEY...
  8. My SPL meter vs Top Fuel Dragsters from a couple of meters away

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hi A little off topic but i hope this is ok. Im a huge top fuel fan and just love the incredible sound of these crazy machines. I thought it would be interesting to get a read on just how loud these things are so i took my SPL meter to a track day to find out. I didnt really get my answer...
  9. Lost my younger brother a couple nights ago!!!

    Care Chapel
    R.I.P :sad:
  10. Some different ideas for exterior finishes. Heres a couple, lets see yours:

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Browsing around the net, I started thinking about how I could make my future diy sub project unique and fit in better with our mod/eclectic decor. I started thinking it would be cool to make the sub resemble a vintage guitar amp which led me to this page...
  11. A Couple of Questions Regarding My Onkyo Two-Channel Receiver...

    Two Channel Audio
    At the heart of my two-channel setup (separate from my 5.1 surround system) is a solidly-built, aluminum-faceplated, 100 watt-per-channel Onkyo TX-8555 stereo receiver. This unit has no "TAPE 2" loop/jacks, so it seems that hooking up an external graphic equalizer would be out of the...
  12. Couple Random Sub Design Questions

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    So I am soon going to be building my first DIY subs and had a couple questions... I plan to basically make some interchangeable sonotube endcaps so I can do several different types of subs using common end-caps which I will clamp onto different lengths of sonotube to allow me to figure out what...
  13. Couple of Flooring Questions

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    My house was built back in 2008, but I am just getting to finishing the theater room now. I have two rows of seating and wanted to build a riser for the back row. I've done a fair bit of reading but I haven't found an answer to a couple of questions I have. As this site seem to have the best...
  14. A couple of 10"s to try out.....

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey fellas. Yup, another newbie post about “what should I do?” Hopefully yous guys can help me. I am embarking on my first HT DIY sub enclosure. I have built many car audio enclosures in my past life. Even fiberglass enclosures, but I have always been handed the specs for enclosure size...
  15. 1st home sub box build question on a couple car subs I have

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I have been recently getting back into car audio and building ported boxes so I'm firmiliar with that and WinISD. I understand that for home you want a much larger enclosure with lower tuning. I have some junk(compared to you guys) laying around and some extra mdf. I have a powered sealed...
  16. FiOS adds a couple of new HD channels that aren't the worst ever

    Verizon FiOS TV subscribers are getting more than just new 3D VOD options, as it's added Nat Geo WILD HD and Investigation Discovery HD at channels 632 and 623, respectively. Unfortunately we don't have any explosive reviews of either network to offer, but we figure a nature channel and...
  17. A couple subwoofer placement questions

    System Setup and Connection
    I've got a MFW-15 in smallish room (2000 cf), and I have a couple questions about placement. First, my room is closed off on 3 sides, but the right wall (if your facing the screen) has an opening to another room. If I place my sub directly across from that opening, will I "leak" some bass...
  18. A couple of small toys for my H.T

    Home Theater Seating and Accessories
    Bought a couple of small things for my movie room.A sign above my room,and the CLOSED sign for my rope.Next is my riser for my seats.
  19. A couple questions for Kevin

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Kevin, I just signed up to this dog & pony show to ask a few questions. Hopefully, nothing to strenuous for you. I play bass guitar - one thing I've always despised about bass amps is that the speakers usually suck. Oh, they're loud, but fidelity is nonexistent. A long time ago, I used to play...
  20. HLR5067 only fixed for a couple of weeks, thoughts on best options now?

    This issue originally happened back in the fall, so I needed and bought a replacement TV. I had been watching this site, and when I saw about the reflow fix I thought I had to try it and then hopefully sell the TV to a friend of mine. I had JD reflow my board and the service was great. Got it...