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  1. Covering around my screen on my false wall

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have some questions about covering the area around the main screen hole. A friend told me to use black Guilford of Maine fabric, but I'm unsure of the best way to do it. Originally I was going to build 4 separate panels and screw them onto the way from behind. I really don't want to do that...
  2. need recommendation for covering 7'x13' glass patio door

    Home Audio Acoustics
    The home theater room in my new house has a 7 foot x 13 foot glass patio door. Directly behind the listening area. I want to treat it with an acoustical curtain. Anybody have a recommendation? I've seen a few websites saying they'll custom make a curtain. Has anybody tried these?
  3. Paint, texture, covering ideas for a home sub??

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am building a 4 ft3 enclosure out of mdx and want ideas in a nice looking finish. I thought about paint, but not sure it would look cheap. Rhino liner crossed my mind. I even thought about the rough wall texture. What are some ideas please? Thank you
  4. Ultrasuede covering

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Anyone know of a good source for ultrasuede to make DIY Acoustical treatments? I've had a discussion with the wife about adding some color to our living room and need to add some acoustical treatments. Ultrasuede might add just the warmth I need to create a bit of color and warmth while adding...
  5. Need some help with covering an HT opening!

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    OK here it the opening I have in my HT room. I would like to put up some big blackout curtain I could pull back to allow people to walk thorough and when I'm watching movies un hook it so that the curtain closes off the room. If you have a better suggestion please speak up. Now here the the...
  6. Covering my rear!!!

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello everyone My dedicated HT is in the basement which is perfect except for the fact that i don't have 4 closed walls. Behind the seating, I've got the stairs and stair well leading to the ground floor which I believe is causing sound to disperse too rapidly(I'm losing sound? if that's...
  7. Hard or Soft Covering for DIY Bass Traps

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Most of the comercially available bass traps are fabric covered. Also, most of what I have found as examples of DIY bass traps are also fabric covered fiberglass. In my basement family room / music room / home theater I would like to install some floor to ceiling DIY bass traps in the...