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  1. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Crank 2: High Voltage :2stars: Liongate Studios Starring: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Corey Haim, Bai Ling Directed by: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor Writen by: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor Rated: R Runtime: 96 mins Aspect: 1.85.1 Audio: DTS HD Master Audio 7.1, French Dolby...
  2. Databass of Movies with Deep Bass (DMDB)
    "Crank" DTS Blu-ray 6.1 LPCM 1. Escalator, Chap 5 (0:15:11) 28Hz 2. The Zoom into Google Earth After the Sewing Factory Shootout, Chap ? (0:00:00) 3. Chev, Chap 26 (1:21:26) 32Hz
  3. AV Home Theater
    I have a yamaha HTR 5760 and JBL EC25,E60 for my fronts I have a problem with voices and low level sounds , I cant hear them unless i turn the volume almost all the way up . This works until the loud parts come on, then I'm running for the remote to turn it down . Will someone please help...
1-3 of 3 Results