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  1. ASIO driver crash during soundcard calibration

    REW Forum
    I'm running a Native Instruments Kontrol S4 MK2 as my soundcard. The S4 has two stereo INs, stereo mic IN, and 2 stereo OUTs. When I try to calibrate the soundcard with the loopback, the driver crashes immediately. After a fresh launch of REW, I can start the soundcard calibration and see the...
  2. Crash Bang 899

    DIY Speakers
    I have been wanting to build a better L/R speaker to replace my ultra cheap SLA's. After watching others build countless "amazing for dollar," builds in the USA I have been trying to build one myself. Unfortunately it never is going to be cheap and satisfy my wants. So after reading Tux's 1099...
  3. 'Fast & Furious' star Paul Walker killed in car crash

    Care Chapel
    from cnn, RIP Paul Walker
  4. REW new version crash ..

    REW Forum
    So i have a problem with the new version for mac. It never finishes a reading but sticks at 99%. The older version is fine, my only room eq problem seems to be some high end dips which i guess are from out phase reflections from the back of the mixing console. Simon
  5. Repeatable Crash (Version 5.1)

    REW Forum
    Just installed the new Version and I have a repeatable crash. If I select preferences, change from Java to ASIO driver, exit preferences, and return to preferences, the program hangs. Happens every time. Windows 7 Ultimate Intel i7 Bloomfield Also, I would like a little help here. I am using...
  6. Burnout Crash details surface - Report

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    EA's car-mayhem franchise said to be "action arcade style" set in fictitious Crash City. Early last week, the Australian Classification Board offered up tantalizing information that EA would soon be returning with a new, multiplatform installment in its vehicular carnage-heavy Burnout...
  7. OSX/MOTU Crash when Generating Test Tone

    REW Forum
    Hi All, I am running OSX 10.5.8 and am updated to the latest Java. REW sees my MOTU 828 MK2 fine. I have tried 41.k and 48.k and have tried leaving everything as default as well as selecting anything available on the input/output settings. Everything is fine until I try to calibrate and generate...
  8. java error in macosx.4.11: REW crash

    REW Forum
    Hello, Many threads allready on using the mac and motu. Using the audioprefs in the mac for my motu. Settings in REW are default and 44.1. I get output but no input with the mic attached properly. Trying the Cor audio setting makes REW crash: ============================== Input device error...
  9. REW crash to desktop when selecting input device

    REW Forum
    When I start REW with my Tascam US-122 plugged in, I get the following error: No input mixers available supporting PCM_SIGNED 48000.0 Hz, 16 bit, stereo, 4 bytes/frame, little-endian If I click OK the program opens, but when I go to settings and look at input devices for 44.1kHz, I see four...