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  1. Help creating driver in WINISD

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi im trying to create the attached driver in WINISD but havent had luck.. could anyone help me create it for me ..? Xmax and Pe which I would use 25mm for Xmax and 500-1000W for Pe Sealed Box Vb=48l Tks! Daniel
  2. Should I remove the IR delay before creating EQ filters?

    REW Forum
    Hi, Could anyone please advise if I should use the REW feature under the estimate IR delay tab that will shift the IR so the highest peak is aligned to time = zero, before I create my EQ filters? I am trying to create an IR EQ filter for some nearfield studio monitors. Am using one channel of...
  3. Room treatment is creating a null?!

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hey gang, I've done more reading that I can even recall, prepping a listening room. The room itself is 14' 2.5" deep, 10' 1" wide, and 100" high (4.33M, 3.07M, and 2.54M). It is new/old construction mixed, so I had some studded walls to play with. On the old construction, the walls were...
  4. Creating a DVD library database and accessing it via iRule remote

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I posted earlier about my pursuit of the "perfect" remote and in that post, I mentioned that I'm presently using iRule. One of the attractive things of iRule is how easy it is to expand the capabilities of your remote when you get it all set up. I'm not sure if others would benefit from my most...
  5. Creating calibration file for what?

    REW Forum
    Hi Guides says that you should create a calibration file for your soundcard. I'm using: A HTPC for playback. The HTPC uses HDMI (screencard) into my receiver for playback. For recording I use a Mic into a Behringer mic pre-amp, and the pre-amp is connected to the the built in mic channel on the...
  6. Creating loopback for internal laptop soundcard

    REW Forum
    Hi all, Dumb question but I can't figure out how to create a loopback connection on a Dell or Lenovo laptop with internal soundcards. Is some wiring connection needed? I recently bought a UMM-6 USB mike and downloaded latest beta REW which I think is compatible with USB mikes. Really looking...
  7. REW Not Creating EQ Settings

    REW Forum
    I am trying to get REW V 5.17 to give me EQ settings that I can enter into the JRiver MC18 PEQs. I haven't used REW in a few years but it seemed that at that time it automatically generated eq settings in it's EQ Panel. After I do a measurement and open the EQ panel there are no filters...
  8. Creating a rumble in the subwoofer world: Power Sound Audio follows-up an exciting first year with big news about new models (XV30f, Triax)

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Exciting times and big announcements are coming out of Mineral Ridge, Ohio. That’s the location of Power Sound Audio, an upstart manufacturer of American made subwoofers co-founded by longtime sub-gurus Tom Vodhanel and Jim Farina. The pair have worked together in various audio capacities for...
  9. creating 3D slides for calibration and Depth?

    Video Calibration
    hay i'm wondering if anyone has made any calibration slides for "depth of field"? also i've had avs rec709 files for a while but haven't really been able to get the 3D files to work right. Can anyone help me with how to format the slides so they play nice on avhd? does this take merging...
  10. Creating your own Workflows within CalMAN

    Video Calibration
    I found this pdf file while I was getting started on this how-to. It was written by the folks at SpectraCal and it goes over what I consider the hardest part of creating your own workflows - action buttons. I'll add my pdf when it's finished but for those folks who are interested, I'll put...
  11. Need advise with creating Epik Conquest clone

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am embarking on a new project in which I have no experience. I have an Epik Conquest which can be found on their website. As you can see they are discontinued and very hard to find. My plan was to replicate the Conquest and do it myself. Here are my ?'s 1) What 18" subwoofer do you...
  12. Creating Microphone Calibration File

    REW Forum
    I have access to a calibrated Earthworks M30 microphone and thought I'd try to create a calibration file for my ECM8000 by averaging 8 test sweeps for each microphone then using the arithmetic function of the 'All SPL' graph area to subtract the one from the other and so end up with a difference...
  13. creating a perfeckt transient sound

    New Member Introductions
    Hi. I am new in the forum. I have an interest of "great" theme: Perfeckt transient sound. What is that? Can it created with passive loudspeaker box sistem
  14. Creating New Sounds

    Pro Audio
    What programs/utils does everyone use to generate new sounds? Is it strictly plugin's or do you use.. say like.. MidiQuest, a program which can get inside a synthesizer and kind of 'morph' two sounds together, etc. Is everything done with .wav files like in Adobe Audition or WaveLab?
  15. issues creating waterfalls and spectrals, Windows Vista

    REW Forum
    I upgraded to Vista since using REW last year, and reinstalled REW. I can take graphs and everything just fine. But I have issues when trying to do waterfalls and spectral charts. Say the measured response is 15-200Hz. The spectrals and waterfalls do the full range, but that full response is...
  16. Creating a Cabinet IR Using REW

    REW Forum
    Hello Everybody! I am new to this forum and was brought here by the discovery of REW. It looks to be a very handy tool and I am excited to get familiar with all of its powerful features. My application of REW may be different than many others but with the REW software I am hoping to create...
  17. help creating a slim line speaker that can be flush mounted

    DIY Speakers
    Hi im looking to build a slim line speaker that can be flush mounted in the wall. Length is no problem width anything between studs and the depth of 4" using the biggest woofer midbass possible. will be used with infiniti simple build subwoofer. i'm looking for something that will be good for...
  18. Suggestions for creating a two channel system

    Two Channel Audio
    I am in the midst of upgrading my stereo setup, and I am hoping to garner enough information to make a wise purchase(s) for a dedicated music setup. At the moment my Audio components consist of: 1) Cambridge Audio 640C CD player. That's it. So you can see I am about to embark on a rather...
  19. Parsing Error Creating Make Cal file

    REW Forum
    I just installed REW and and having lots of fun - windows PC, Sound Blaster Live internalm Behringer mixer and ECM8000. Using only simply loopback, the soundcard appears to fall off about 10-20k and below 10HZ with a slight (1db) rise from 20hz to 100hz. When I go through the cal procedure...
  20. Creating my first house curve

    REW Forum
    After equalizing my sub I agree with the consensus that it makes the sub sound pretty dull, and that defining a house curve is in order! After reading through the stick and REW help files I have a few questions please: 1) In the sticky it talks about the approach of using the -15dB filter at...