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  1. Unkown Crossovers - Test crossover points?

    DIY Audio
    Came across a nice set of crossovers but can find no information on specs. Afraid I do not have oscilloscope or anything more advanced than True RMS Digital Multimeter. Any possible way to test or fools errand?
  2. Crossovers..

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi. I have 2 TSI 400's, TSx center, 2 PSW 110's, 2 polk surrounds and 2 Onkyo rears. All running on a Sony str-dn1040. I need recommendations for the crossover on all my speakers. I have them all on small and I have the subs on 80, the fronts on 80, center on 80 or 100, and the the four...
  3. X4000 crossovers do not work?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I noticed the other day I had my amp turned off and a movie was playing and I could hear a bunch of higher frequencies (100-250hz) out of my sub which is really weird because the crossover in the X4000 is set to 60hz. I went over to the HSU and switched the crossover switch to "IN" to turn it...
  4. Active Crossovers for Home Audio

    Two Channel Audio
    I am designing a 3-way speaker system to replace my current speakers. During my research I began reading about active crossovers. Does anyone have knowledge about this subject? One article I read online referenced dbx and Behringer equipment which are easily in my price range however I have read...
  5. REW room measured, 6 Crossovers to choose from (6 graphes provided)

    REW Forum
    Onkyo 3008 with XT32 turned on. I had previously calibrated with Mic before I played with the crossover point. -------------------------------------------- Signal sent into AVR with only single left channel. AVR mode 9.2 channel set into mono. Two subwoofers all set to direct and managed by...
  6. Measuring Bi -Wire vs Crossovers (linked)

    REW Forum
    Hi is there any special way to measure this? Thanks in advance
  7. crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    hi. Does anyone have any info on a NADY CX 2400 CROSSOVER. Manly i need to know how many DB per octive rolloff does it have. THANKS HOTRIZE
  8. Crossovers - where to start?

    DIY Speakers
    Hey all & Happy New Year! In the pic is a TB W5-1611SAF, full range; however the high end is very week. Getting good robust sound, bass/mid and would like to add tweeter to brighten them up. The TB woofer is 8ohm-90db and have some MDT-28s, 8ohm-91db. (could order new tweeters) I see there...
  9. Trying to gather ideas for crossovers & boxes for compact/small L-R-S,C build

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I searched hi & low for subs smaller then 8" that can hit low.Haven't had much luck.I want to use one of these for the subs. Lanzar MAXP64 6.5" 600W sub...
  10. Someone want to build crossovers for me?

    DIY Speakers
    I am building a pair of statement towers and statement center. Would rather have someone experienced with putting a crossover together do it for me, for a reasonable fee of course. I am going beyond the typical finishing efforts to make some really nice speakers, and want them to be spot on...
  11. crossovers for multi-amps audio

    REW Forum
    Hi I have worked with REW's measurements for a while and it's quite efficient for my needs until now. I said until now because I used to make simple EQ corrections for stereo audio on a multi-amplification system (4 power amps and specialized DIY sub-bass-mids-tweeter SPKs) which I am...
  12. JBL Drivers and Crossovers but no boxes, need a little advice

    DIY Speakers
    Hey all, I recently acquired a used 7.x set up for very cheap, but I need to build the enclosures. What I've got are the drivers and crossovers for 3 JBL North-ridge E100's and 4 E50's. I have found outside dimensions from JBL on the original enclosures, but haven't seen any specific specs on...
  13. Crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    OK, so easily the toughest part of the speaker build (crossovers), right? I'm definitely a novice and I'm currently reading Dickason's LDC to try and understand a little more about speaker design. I was wondering if anyone could give me a lehman's explanation of why crossovers are such hard...
  14. Speaker Impedance Wiring and Crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    Hi all, Most of my experience building speakers comes in the form of the many different subwoofers that have spent time in the back of my vehicles. I've been installing car systems for years, but the only things that require any sort of thinking are tuning the subwoofer enclosure and setting...
  15. Active crossovers and speakers - amplification?

    DIY Speakers
    I've seen some interesting plans for 2-3 way speakers that use active crossovers.. By active crossovers, I mean Behringer DCX2496 or some of the cheaper models. However, with active crossovers and separate line level outputs - with a pair of 3 way speakers, you're looking at having 6 sources to...
  16. Passive Crossovers Guide

    DIY Speakers
    Here's the first of what I hope to be a growing series of articles concerning designing and building passive crossovers. I hope you find this useful. David Yohn **** Crossover Components and Assembly I’ve been designing loudspeaker systems since 1977 and have done so both as a DIY’er and...
  17. New to this stuff. Need help with crossovers and tweeters. Pretty please.

    DIY Speakers
    Ive had these concrete speaker boxes for ages now and im trying to get them going but i have basically no idea how to match speakers with crossovers and tweeters. im using these 8" woofers (90w RMS) with a frequency of 28.14hz, frequency response of 38hz-4.5khz and sensitivity of 89dB...
  18. FS: Dayton Tweeters and Crossovers

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    I have two Dayton DC25TS-8 1" Shielded Titanium Dome Tweeters. 30 shipped 48states. I have two Dayton XO3W-375/3K 3-Way Crossovers. It looks like they are having a sale on partsexpress for them so I'll do less than that too. 60 shipped 48states. If you buy both pairs of these crossovers and...
  19. Tritrix kit with assembled crossovers

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    SOLD !!!!!!!!! I have to make room for new speakers so my new Tritrix kit is the first to go. There is less than 2 total hours play time on these . The crossovers are assembled , all components are hot glued to the board and all solder joints were cleaned and wrapped with cold shrink wrap...
  20. crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    hi First of all im building two 2way speakers for now which will be my left and right. Later ill build a 3 way and much later i wanto build like a 10 speaker left and right...but have to start at the bottom and work my way up. Secondly i have a pioneer vsx-815 receiver ,does 100 W per channel...