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  1. Looking at crossovers with the Spectrum Anylizer

    REW Forum
    Using REW and looking at the crossover can be complex. Espicially when looking at mulitple crossover sources such a CD player, receiver, pre/pro, external crossover. Which one do we use and how do we look at it under a microscope? First you need to hook up your source to the input of your...
  2. Burned up crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    HI all Hope this is the right place to ask this question I have a set of store bought speakers (Def Tec 7001's) i keep burning up the crossovers this has happened twice now What i don't understand is while the crossovers are burned up i haven't burned up a single driver:confused: does...
  3. Aura Bass shakers and Infinity crossovers

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    If theres no picture one will be added soon. I need 2 of the older RF power series T3002 amplifiers. (bronzeish color with heat sink on sides and top) I also would like 2 pairs of 8" 4 ohm midbasses I also need sound deadner...so these are items I'm open to trading Shoot me a pm with zip code...
  4. Speakers without crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    Hi Folks, Has anyone built any speakers without crossovers - in other words using full-range drivers? If so, how did they perform? JPC
  5. Anyone willing to build Crossovers?

    DIY Speakers
    Hey all. I've been doin DIY subs for some time now and i'm thinking of taking the plunge into DIY speakers. Want to build a new front sound stage but have ZERO experience with crossover design nor do i want to learn-my brain is too full of other stuff already. If i supplied the needed materials...
  6. Beginner information on crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    Im really new here and have been searching around for online resources to explain crossovers and how they function. I figure that there might be others like me that want to know. I realize from reading alot of the post here that Iam in a crowd of EXTREMELY smart people however, I just wanted to...
  7. Using Active Crossovers for Prototyping

    DIY Speakers
    BoomieMCT and I decided to give active speakers a test run with my center channel prototype. He has a portable pro amp and Behringer DCX2310 crossover. It's fixed at 24dB/oct L-R, but it is adjustable in every other way. We set it up as a three way, using my car-amp test rig to drive the...
  8. PCB for crossovers?

    DIY Speakers
    I'm currently considering a DIY project for some new HT speakers. I'd like to make the solution as simple and elegant as possible. I was considering making some DIY PCB's, by either the photographic method, or the etching method (probably etching, due to lower initial cost) and was wondering...
  9. Crossovers

    DIY Speakers
    I am thinking about designing me some new speakers to build. What are the options for the crosovers, do I build them for best quality ,passive, active or does everyone just buy them?
  10. Crossovers

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Well I hope some of you guys can help with this. I have an HT system with bookshelf speakers for my front L/R mains sourced from the pre-outs of my receiver and driven by my main amp. Also I have a Paradigm X-30 Xover between the receiver and the main amp. The subwoofer output of the X-30...